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Default ........and finally

here it is
and I think I can see what's caused the fan to stop working!

Even with all the help I've had it was still a difficult job due largely to the number of seized fasteners. Some of them I've resorted to grinding the heads off and because of this while I could see that Vitesses' technique of swing the shroud out to access the three set screws holding the motor would work, I went with Arctic's suggestion of butchering the shroud to clear the A/c pipework. Even then, I had to grind one fastener off. I think in the earlier part of its life, this car has spent some time at the sea-side.

For anyone like me, tackling this job for the first(and hopefully last) time, here are a couple of tips
At the bottom of the shroud(or cowl) are two small metal clips holding it onto the radiator(easy to miss)
In terms of taking the "lid" off the motor, Arctic makes it look easy but my mole grips were too clumsy for that so I used a flat faced punch to straighten up the small tangs and then holding the motor in one hand I tapped the three lugs in turn with a medium hammer and slowly the lid came off.
Of course, my only experience of replacing brushes was on my 1968 Midget so foolishly I was expecting expecting screw in lugs on the brushes but now I see its soldering time. Good job I've got a solder sucker.
So, just got to put it all back together now.
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