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Originally Posted by chicochapman View Post
Now can you remember what size socket you used to "hold" the centre spindle nut with ?
I've got a 1/4" drive socket set that stops at 14mm which seems too small
but might have been thin enough and a 3/8" drive set where the wall is too thick. Looks like a 15mm size ?
Hi Malcolm.
To remove the fan blade you do indeed need a thin walled 15mm socket, which will hold the nut while you turn the blade clockwise.

If you are referring to repairing the fan motor with new brushes, then the fan as whole including the cowling needs to be removed from the car, takes about an hour.

Bumper off, slam panel off with lights attached, then remove the fan, if your car as gas then it's best to cut the cowling round the A/C joints so you do not have to disturb the A/C gas.

If the motor is ok and the brush board is ok you can add new brushes, then fit the fan back on the car.
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