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Originally Posted by Rick-sta View Post


ORDER DEADLINE SUNDAY 31ST OCTOBER. Arriving in November for fitting/shipping.

Hi all, I am now out of spare IPK LCD screens from the last batch, so will be taking orders again for another batch of new screens.

If you'd like to order and reserve a new replacement IPK LCD screen, please see order details below.

Supplied and fitted price: £140
Supply only price £95 + £6.50 postage in UK (worldwide shipping available).

In 2020 after 2 years of time and effort, I was finally able to successfully have brand new replacement IPK LCD screens re-manufactured after them being no longer available for a couple years. These new remanufactured screens have been redesigned to resolve the issue which causes the lines on the original factory screens.

These are the best long term repair option available.

The common problem with lines appearing on the old IPK screens is due to the chip bonding process used on the old screens called Tape Automated Bonding which isnít a processed widely used anymore due to the solder integrity as we have found on our cars causing lines to appear on the screens. The new re-manufactured screens use a far more reliable design using flexible printer cable material and solid secure copper soldered connections.

I highly recommend having the screen professionally installed either by myself or any other LCD/electronics specialist. This is because the old screen requires de-soldering from the board and the micro connections on the new LCD screen require soldering, and if not done correctly the screen will not work. The contacts are very small and if a contact is broken during the fitting process the screen fails and is no longer useable.

I offer a fit whilst you wait service (fitting takes around 30 - 45 minutes, and also offer a postal service for installing the screen (turn around time is 2 business days). Return postage for the postal option is £11.15 special delivery via Royal Mail in the UK (international postage available).

I accept clusters worldwide for repairs/screen replacements so if you require a return postage quote for outside of the UK let me know.

Once the screens from this batch have arrived with me, I will be contacting everyone who reserved a screen to be fitted by me to arrange booking slots.
Screens which are reserved to be shipped to arrange your own fitting will be shipped soon after I've received them.

These new IPK LCD screens are £140 supplied and fitted. At this price Iíve agreed a 12 month warranty period with the factory as well.

If youíd like the screen supplied only and will be arranging your own fitting the price is £95 for the screen supplied + £6.50 postage in UK.

If you'd like a shipping quote for outside of the UK message me for a price.

If you would like to order one or more screens, let me know below and I will send you the order and payment details via PM.

To order, a deposit of £95 for the screen is due by the batch deadline 31st October.

Shipping and/or fitting cost is due when the screens are ready to post or on the day you're having the screen fitted.

The deadline for ordering to secure 1 or more screens is Sunday 31st October.

Hello, could you put me down for one please, my screen is starting to look like the before picture!!!

Thanks. Steve.
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