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Default Cooling Fan Test

I'm continuing to get my 'other ZT' ready for the road and MOT, which is a 2002 ZT KV6 190, having sorted the front suspension last week i'm now on the cooling system.
I have read the 'How To fan test' written by Jules in depth but still find a couple of actions which don't pan out as I read - assuming I have things correct.
Any guidance from knowledgeable peeps will be most welcome!
The Issue: There is an intermittent fault stopping the fan cut in at the temperature it should - 100degrees. It did kick in yesterday once, correctly and stop correctly around 96 degrees but then not again. So I then used the 'How To' to test it.
First: quote: 'set the AC to demist function' My other ZT has the demist button but not this one as its a different (older) panel. (see piccy) So, do I switch on the ignition/aircon/blower/set to windscreen in order to get to the same state as above?
Second: If I'm correct in my assumption - there is no fan action by bridging the gap on the trinary switch plug across the 2 furthest apart terminals, or the two closest together. Then with the engine running, and the AC on, the same test gives nothing across the farthest apart terminals (yellow/grey to black but does give a click ( the aircon clutch I guess) bridging the 2 x closest together.
Ive checked the fuses which Jules recommends but not the control box as Ive not got the front off the car yet - in the hope i may not have to!
thanks in advance

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