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Originally Posted by roverbarmy View Post
You can buy pre-drilled galvanised strapping at builders merchants. Ideal for exhaust bracketing.
How does it hold up over time? I was told it wasn't a very good idea for a permanent solution, but maybe it is
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I'd be interested in knowing the answer to that question as well! My car's exhaust bracket needs to be replaced and I happen to have a lot of that galvanised strapping lying in the garage unused.
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The wrap around bracket on my after market rear silencer broke but it was the underside part that had snapped. I just obtained some treaded bar that would take a 13 mm A/F nut and trimmed the old bracket and drilled an extra hole in one side . Then it was a case of cut and bend to a flattened U shape and bolt up and being treaded it was easy to adjust to fit.
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When mine bust about three years ago, I bodged up a new bottom run support with heavy gauge fencing wire bent so that I could get a bolt through one end to tighten it all up and a hook the other end to go over the remains of the top bit of bracket.

3 MoT tests later, it's still there and the tester raises his eyebrow but it's not a fail!

When the same thing happened to the other car 18 months ago, I used a doubled strip of stainless steel builders band from Screwfix and pulled the same bodge.

Again, no complaints from the tester!


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Originally Posted by QuestionMark View Post

My car's exhaust box bracket snapped the other day... I wasn't even driving (luckily) Rimmerbros specifically state that their bracket assembly isn't suitable for aftermarket exhausts, but I don't know if mine's original or not. It probably is, but how to be sure? Any labels are long gone.

Also wondering how to know if the exhaust system in general needs replacing? There are no visible holes or anything, but it seems quite rusty.


Edit: Here's the bracket in question.
Don't know if it will be of any use, but I also have a 2003 Diesel 2.0CDti tourer,it had a new complete Klarius exhaust fitted last September, but I am changing it all in two weeks time...
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Here's what I did:

I strapped a piece of galvanised strapping around the box and tightened it with a bolt. Visually, there were quite many gaps, and they proved difficult to smooth out. But the strapping wouldn't budge, so I left it at that. I took a piece of wire, 4 mm in diametre, and wrapped it twice around the box ontop of the strapping. The strapping doesn't hold any of the weight, it's there to slow down the rust to the wires, and more importantly it'll hopefully prevent the wires from gnawing their way through the rusty pot by distributing the weight over a larger surface.

I made eyes out of the ends of the wire, and fastened them with a double wire lock with thread lock, and a piece of washer fluid hose on the wire to protect the rubber mounting. There's quite a lot of measuring going on throughout this process, but it's also fairly straight forward.

The nice thing about this system is that you can lower and hoist the box as you please (although it requires a little bit of work), and you never need to take your rubber mountings off again! It's cheap as well!

So far, which admittedly isn't long, this has been working excellently for me. In time we'll see if it holds up.

I bent the sides of the galvanised strapping to make sure the wires wouldn't jump off. It seems to have worked, but in hindsight I think I would've used som small jubilee clips or something. It probably overthought it, and made some unnecessary work for myself.

My only concern now with this setup is that it isn't stiffed between the box and the rubber mountings. Maybe you guys can weigh in on whether you think the exhaust box might snap in half from the bumping?


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