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Old 21st May 2017, 15:50   #1
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Default A decent grinder

Hiya all looking for some recommendations for a decent grinder that actually does the job its supposed too without blowing or just dying on me.

Bought two grinders and there both already dead.
I've taken them back and got replacements for them both, but after a few days of use there both dad again.

Anyone know any good makes please and if there powerful, I've only been grinding thin metals and getting rid of wax oil and, that's all I've been doing.
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Old 21st May 2017, 16:12   #2
Gets stuck in
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110V, 240V or air powered?

I'm a big fan of Bosch for 240V grinders - not sure what their new ones are like mind as mine are at least 20 years old!
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Old 21st May 2017, 18:04   #3
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Ooooo! lying on yer back grinding, best job in the world Watch them eyes Dave. I used to buy those swimming goggles for those jobs with the wire brush attachment.

I always bought those Clarke grinders from machine mart, they've always done the jobs for me OK, I'm sure there are better one's but for £25 (what they cost then) I had no problems with them.

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Old 21st May 2017, 21:29   #4
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How big a disc are you after?

I have 2 Black and Decker 4-6 inch grinders, one fitted with a disc for metal and one for stone.
Probably over 20 years old, noisy as heck but for metal excellent, stone the disc really needs to be bigger so it can cut through a paving slap instead of half way through.


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Old 21st May 2017, 21:47   #5
Posted a thing or two

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Pretty sure mine is a Bosch, can't have been that expensive as it was a birthday present. Used it a fair bit and still going strong...
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Old 21st May 2017, 23:55   #6
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Get a Metabo or Bosch (blue body).... Industrial quality for durability

Mains of battery powered is up to you

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Old 22nd May 2017, 01:29   #7
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Thumbs up

I have a mains 240v DeWalt Angle Grinder which has served me well for a few years now. Not silly expensive. Bought it from Machine Mart when they were doing their "No VAT" offers. Closing on ten years old now and seen lots of amateur use. Used very recently to clean up the wear and corroded "lip" on otherwise good Brake Discs. Be VERY careful if you attempt this for obvious reasons.

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I believe DeWalt was formerly Black and Decker. I have two very old well used B and D Electric drills, one 45 years old now, and they have had lots of use and abuse and still give good service. I do dismantle them occasionally ( every ten years ? ) clear out the old congealed lubricant from their gear boxes and charge the cleaned gear pinions with fresh LM Grease.

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Old 23rd May 2017, 07:02   #8
barney bear
This is my second home
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Makita, for any grinding work you need I've found they are the best by far. 4.5 or 9 inch they just run and run and run, I'm very heavy handed when it comes to tools but I'm still using a Makita rat tail grinder I was given 10 or so years ago

I've burnt out about 15 cheap ones in that time
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Old 23rd May 2017, 22:45   #9
I really should get out more.......
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As above, at work our tools get a lot of abuse, but the ones that last the longest are our makita grinders, impact guns, drills etc. We have a lot of Bosch stuff which is good, but with grinders in particular the makita ones are my first choice, be it 4.5in or 9in. Expensive but worth the money.
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