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Unhappy So, what's the future for Ukraine ?

What's the future for Ukraine ?

A lot of people think that European countries should provide Ukraine with superior weaponry, get them to beat the Russians back over the border, give the Russians a NAUGHTY WORD-NAUGHTY WORD-NAUGHTY WORD-NAUGHTY WORD-NAUGHTY WORD-NAUGHTY WORD- nose, with plenty of casualties, and expect the mothers of the dead and wounded Russians to create such a fuss, that Russia (and it's leader, whoever that may be) are forced to withdraw from Ukraine ?

There is one major problem with that idea.

For the last 20+ years, the Russian state has been exposing the Russian people to such a level of propaganda, (TV, press, legal, self-policing, carrots and sticks) for such a longtime, that, in effect, the people have been turned into a cult, a Putin personality cult (just like North Korea), that the majority of Russians truly believe the Western led, anti-russian attacks and subsequent sanctions.

Mothers and fathers are disbelieving their own children, even when faced with evidence of what is going on. Russian/Ukrainian families are splitting along nationalist fault lines.

And cults are extremely difficult to leave, or stop.

Watch this interview with Russian citizens, it is truly frightening:


We have got a major problem : A cult with tonnes of money, and nuclear weapons !

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Default Russia

Anyone seen the documentary. "Ukraine on fire".
Very informative, it's on YouTube.
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