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Old 3rd July 2022, 15:13   #165781
This is my second home
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Originally Posted by Lancpudn View Post
Morning all, It's wet wet wet out there & more rain to come looking at the forecast.

There's a young blackbird running around the garden with all our cats at the window giving it the evil eye

I'll keep our one cat that goes out indoors today.

They give the driver different challenges to mix it up, You can either stop just before the points & get down from the loco & change the points manually or there's a map of the yard/sidings you can bring up with all the points laid out which you can change by a mouse click, but apparently I don't know my right from my left

Still didn't complete it at the PC blue screened halfway through with the same error message as before 'uncorrectable error'
I think I need to re-install Win 10 on a new SSD & go from there I think!!!!.

Resetting the gaming PC with a fresh install of Win 10, it's been downloading/installing for a couple of hours & is at 88% now.

Salmon fillets some 'pink fir apple' taters from the garden with peas & broad beans

Blessed are the tea makers.
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Old 3rd July 2022, 22:52   #165782
This is my second home
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Oh brilliant! I think I'm turning senile. A thought suddenly flashed into my mind, did I remember to . . . . I can't remember if I did whatever it was I was supposed to remember to do

T4 Location Map
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