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Gets stuck in
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Default Dg04mhx cdti tourer

Thought it was about time I perhaps started a thread on some of the work we have done on our diesel tourer and a little about how we came to own it.

Following the sale of our gold 75 V6 auto saloon in 2021, originally we wanted something that was really cheap on road tax and good on fuel to free up funds to purchase our first home. Alas after look at well over 50 cars in person and spending days and days checking out cars online and travelling all over the place and getting somewhat fed up of time being wasted (this was also back when second hand car prices had risen drastically).. my wife (Shauna) found a diesel 75 tourer manual with 80k on the clock on eBay. I showed little interest as I wanted to move on from 75 ownership. However she contacted the owner and arranged to go buy the car. I was working nights and chose not to go as the journey was a 6 hour round trip.

So.. off she went and I woke up later that day to find the tourer parked on the driveway. I took a look and was... A little disheartened.

Having taken the car out on a test drive and quickly found the clutch to be slipping I was less than impressed with the apparent shed that had been described as faultless.. another fault that also appeared when raining was the abs and brake fault flashing upon the ipk screen and an electrical interference that jolted the car.

Being faced with a car that had been purchased and driven home well over 100 miles and the faults being found, I couldn't blame anyone but myself, simply for not going in person. The choice was to complain to the seller which wouldn't have got very far under the circumstances.. or fix everything wrong with the car and have a reliable family sized car that could be made into something I'd be happy with.

On the 5th day of ownership, the subframe and gearbox came out on the driveway in November the list of new parts was as follows, holding nothing back and sparing no expense to give the car the best possible chance of being reliable..

- genuine BMW rear main crank seal
- Luk dmf
-luk friction plate, cover plate and slave
- new ap master cylinder
- clutch slave guide tube and small seal behind this.
Driveshaft oil seals
- new gearbox oil

Not a major job and quite an easy task but some cost..

The next job was sorting out the abs and brake fault issue when the car got wet as this made the car almost undriveable.
Having met with bigruss and had a T4 checkup to no avail.. we set about changing abs sensors and wheel bearings and checking wiring and still the fault continued.
This fault eventually was solved after almost a year and turned out to be a previous owner related issue. A wince6 headunit from around 2006 is fitted and the iso connector re-directed the abs speed signal wire that ran to the original headunit was now directed into a ground due the iso connector for the new headunit.

One snip of the abs signal wire to the headunit and the issue stopped and has not come back since and no further faults.

Many other jobs have been done including:
Lower front arms and bushes
New top mounts
Near rear suspension upper arms and lower arms
New brake discs and pads all round
Tyre protectors for the front shock absorbers
Heated seat element for the drivers seat replaced as this had a small break in it.
Real wood dashboard fitted and carpeted heater box side trims
Waxoyled underneath and cavity wax injected in the sills and doors and A posts
Retrimmed the headlining and door cards
Made a good cooling fan by swapping the carbon brushes over and now the fan works
Cleaned the inlet manifold out, egr blanked off, BMW vortex pcv and the 160 map by bigruss.

Originally the car had some unknown remap and the car had some serious torque! It would coal roll and would also break traction in second gear at 2k rpm. This made it an issue with emissions for the MOT too, so the 160 remap was put on and instantly the black smoke was reduced, some of the power was reduced especially low down before 2k rpm. On the old remap it drove like a V6 even low down from 1k rpm. Very odd but it's much better with a known map.

There's been plenty of other things done too but too much to remember.

After a number of clutch master cylinder failures I've recently fitted an Luk item and pleased to report this is working great.

We have now covered just short of 30k miles since the clutch went in and other than the master cylinder issues, it's been perfectly reliable and has been our only car for well over 12 months. It's used daily for work,shopping,school runs,house moves, tip runs etc.

I'm glad I bit the bullet and threw money at it when we first purchased it. It was also evident that it had been through a number of owners in very quick succession too as going on eBay sold items, showed the car had been sold in total 3 times by 3 different sellers.

We are hoping to respray it at some point in the future as it has been resprayed and isn't the best job sadly but it's okay.


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