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Cool Going on a date.

One Friday Night Bob's four Teenage daughter were all going out on a dates:

Bob told his daughters. "As soon as your dates arrive I'll talk to them. If I don't like them, I'll shoot them."

The doorbell rang and bob answered the door, shotgun in hand. "Who are you?" Bob asked.

The boy said. "My name is Teddy. I am going steady with Betty. We are getting Spaghetti. Is she ready?"
Bob nodded in approval. So off went Teddy and Betty to get Spaghetti.

The doorbell rang again. Bob answered the door, shotgun still in hand. "Who is this?" Bob said.

The boy said. "My name is Joe. I want you to know that I'm taking Flo to the show. Can we go? Yes or No?"
Bob nodded his approval. So off went Joe and Flo to the show.

Just then the doorbell rang. Bob answered.

The boy at the door said. "My name is Nate. I hope I am not late for my date with Kate. We are going to skate which I think is great."
Bob nodded in approval. So off went Nate and Kate to skate.

The doorbell rang a fourth time. Bob answered, with shotgun still in hand. "Who is this?" Bob asked.
The boy said, "My name is Chuck."

Those were Chuck's last word...

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to the moon.
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