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Is Windows 11 actually worth it? I mean that only every other Windows version is good.
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Posted a thing or two
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At the moment I don't think Windows 11 brings much to the party over Windows 10. If you're running older hardware then stick with 10 as it has plenty of life left in it and I rather suspect that Microsoft will become more flexible with the hardware requirements in time as they will want to get most people transitioned but at the moment they are taking a cautious approach to avoid having a lot of people all crying for support at the same time.

My old laptop was about 7 years old and ran an early i5 processor with 4Gb and after a little tinkering I was able to get it running Windows 11 with no problems.

Mind you for older hardware I'd recommend Chrome OS Flex. Limited to just browser stuff however much faster and more responsive then running full Windows. I've given several machines a new lease of life with ChromeOS
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