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Old 6th May 2022, 17:52   #11
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If you do find that you have to have time off work, or incur additional expenses as a result of this error, I would recommend seeking advice (perhaps Citizens Advice?) with a view to seeking re-dress through the small claims court.

You should not be "out of pocket" through someone else's incompetence. Best of luck in getting this resolved.


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Old 9th May 2022, 15:30   #12
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Originally Posted by bikerdude666 View Post
Thanks all, I had considered my MP and possibly seeing if local press were interested in a story of public servant incompetence...

I phoned the DVLA again today, still not been updated, and apparently the way their system works means they can't possibly search manually for the request from the court and speed up the process...

I'm in 2 minds who is more to blame, the courts initially getting the paperwork wrong and requesting the record on my license number. Or the DVLA for applying it to my license number, when the name and address of the offender were different! Surely there should be someone either double checking these details at the court before they get sent off, or the DVLA dept. should be able to question the information if it's mis-matched?

Next phone call is to the courts to find out how I make a complaint about the whole situation.

I've also spoken to the local police force, who have said if I was stopped for anything and they checked and it showed I was disqualified, as long as I could show the email from the courts clearly stating it was a mistake, they wouldn't arrest me or anything. But on the other hand, they said they're not sure how it would stand should I be involved in an accident or something, and that I'd have to check with my insurer whether my insurance is still valid!
You'll spend the rest of your life trying to right a wrong with gov.t departments!

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Borg Warner
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Reminds me of the loss of my licence some 40 years ago.

Anyway, would strongly suggest not risking driving, get a traffic cop on a bad day and you could still get nicked then you would have to add that mess to your problems.

But see them in court though. Would think one of these no win, no fee firms might be worth a call.

Hope it gets settled soon for you. It could be worse though. Imagine you hadn't had the letter and got stopped or were involved in an incident.
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Old 9th May 2022, 18:49   #14
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Be most careful about 'no win no fee' law firms. They are sometimes not quite what you might want in your corner! Best not to go into detail for obvious reasons but urge caution.
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Finally got my license back. While I'm guessing it was the courts fault it even happened, the lady I spoke to there was at least helpful, DVLA just kept giving the same response, and didn't try to help at all, just a case of wait and see. Spoke to the courts again yesterday as I was still showing as disqualified. She phoned the DVLA and they actually helped her and said that my license was showing as reinstated on their system, but could take 24 hours to show up on the online service when I check. And finally, this morning it's once again showing with all my entitlements and no penalties.

I was also worried they'd manage to screw up and possibly leave off my motorcycle entitlement but thankfully that's still there too.

I eventually managed to find how to complain about the courts, though it was more to do with the conduct of the courts during a case, but I was able to go through the process and enter the complaint. But it says they can take up to 10 days to reply, so just a waiting game to see what comes back.
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So all's well that ends well; if that's how you yourself, see it.

Clearly an awful experience; I hope you aren't out of pocket by too much, but if you are, probably worth carrying on the fight for re-imbursement.

Trying for actual compensation, to cover the worry etc. might be more ambitious, but not unreasonable, in your particular case.

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A similar thing happened to a mate, he had 9 points on his licence and then received a letter similar to yours as some one else speeding offence had been put on his licence and he received a 3 months ban.

Luckily it was pre covid and it was all sorted out in 24 hours.

On a similar theme I was told I had been in an accident and the claim had been sorted out by my insurance company, I had not been anywhere near Kent on the day of the accident and the vehicle was a Truck with a similar reg number to my van. Luckily my broker sorted it out.
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Old 14th May 2022, 06:44   #18
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I bet his licence didn't come back clean as happens when you get a ban.
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