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Originally Posted by Mean & Green View Post
The voltage put out by the alternator is not what the stop start system is looking at. The battery voltage without help from the alternator is what it’s looking at. Along with whatever load is being put onto the electrical system, such as heating, lights, wipers, air con and so on.

A battery may well start the car well enough under more regular circumstances, such as at the very start of a journey until manually switching the car off. However if the battery isn’t healthy enough to carry out repeated start ups particularly on a short run - then the car will decide not to activate stop start. This is to protect the battery and help keep things running as they should.

This contradicts your theory that it’s a ploy to make money as if they were just looking to do that, they’d design the car to just continually keep doing restarts until the battery can’t take the load anymore and fail.

In most cases the problem is people using cars for ridiculously short journeys which doesn’t charge the battery properly. Journeys where their own two legs or two legs plus two wheels could easily take them, which would further help with CO2, but that’s another subject.

Cars and car batteries like to be used for decent runs, that’s the only problem here.
Thank you for your input.----Rotten idea isn't it.
The idea was, I guess, to invent something to lower emissions and aid drivers. However it's starting to cause problems and additional costs for the car owners. It seems they didn't do their market research enough or they would know better how the owners would use their cars.--Most are used for lots of daily starts and stops. Motorway use is much less likely.

As they say---'The proof of the pudding is in the eating'.---This pudding is starting to taste rotten.

Thalidomide seemed like a good idea at the time too.---Mistakes in design do get made. They are now trying , perhaps, to apply a patch to this problem.--If they don't it won't go away on its own.

This is to protect the battery and help keep things running as they should.

Simple answer.---Fit a larger battery.

Crazy to have to design a system to protect the battery.

I've never seen any figures to say how much protection the atmosphere gets from this strange and poorly thought out idea. ( Including the pollution caused by having to produce more batteries because their life is cut in half and killing off the starter motors by the same amount. )

REf: my post on air liners. Lots of times they have excess fuel dumps over towns and villages. Plus what they burn. Start there with stopping air pollution.--Never; because the motorists are easy targets.--Always have been and always will be.---

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