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Originally Posted by Sonestarick View Post
I now have an oil leak which appears to be from the gearbox ...
Hang on a minute Rick! What makes you think this? Can you give some detail please?
What colour is the oil/fluid you've seen? Where exactly have you seen it?

Let's examine the evidence and try to identify the problem in detail rather than lurching into thoughts of replacing the gearbox!

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Thumbs up HGF 75 issue

Ok, further to my 1st conclusions I have had time and 2 beers to rationalise the situation. So now I have jacked her up and from what I have seen I have reason to believe there is an oil leak from wait for it -- from both cylinder heads ?! apart from a coolant leak in the "V" again. So as I said - a Scot' a capatalist and a mercenary human being to boot ! I am keeping a lid on the situation.

I am waiting to hear from Russell to come and access the situation and decide on the remedy and on a fix.

I will keep you posted and give ANY update as soon as possible.
NO conclusions as yet.

Yes- I jumped to the conclusion that it had to be a gearbox situation as the engine had been sorted !? Hinde site is a wonderful thing.
The "eternal optimist" - (boy you never stop learning.)
Cheers Rick'
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