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This is my second home
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Just about the worst thing for me would be to be thought of as, or to be, bigoted. But I have to say the bubble is beginning to burst. Every day brings new adverse publicity about various implications regarding EV’s and bit by bit every day more factors emerge casting a cloud over the whole subject.

There’s no triumphalism in this, just the cold observation of respected sources gathering evidence of just how big this almighty confidence trick depends on gullibility for its foundation. Worse, the environment is being scandalously blamed for all the hype.

Witness in today’s Mail pages 31/32, Money Mail. It is without doubt excoriating news for future private transport costs and with that the whole economy. Tyre wear is irrelevant when the big picture is revealed. The entire project is exposed as usury (in the Shakespearean sense). Yes, I know, The Daily Mail! But it’s not invalid given the propensity for legal action by Big Biznis.
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This is my second home
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Blimey! Get a load o this. "Phillips 66 announces that it has initiated the process for the sale of its retail distribution in Germany and Austria, which includes the Jet brand petrol stations. According to data from the Energy Information Service (EID), this affects 815 petrol stations in Germany and 154 in Austria. According to the Handelsblatt, industry experts are reckoning with a target sale value of 2.8 billion euros."

"The sale of petrol station networks has recently become more frequent. Shell is also planning to sell off around 1,000 locations, including petrol stations, this year and next year in order to focus more on the business with charging stations for electric vehicles. Gas station operator TotalEnergies had already sold its entire petrol station network in Germany and the Netherlands to the Canadian company Couche-Tard. This involved 1,198 petrol stations in Germany and 392 locations in the Netherlands. One of the reasons given for the Total sale was the planned phase-out of combustion engines in the EU from 2035."

Blessed are the tea makers.
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I really should get out more.......
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Red face

Originally Posted by bl52krz View Post
Just read an article on tyre wear on the ubiquitous EVs. Evidently, they can burn tyres out in around 6,000 miles. So, Goodyear have started making tyres just for EVs. Prices are like the EVs themselves, very dear. Goodyear make the Electric tyre at a price of around 200 dollars. Seems we are learning a bit more about EVs and how they are going to help in combating the ‘global warming’ crisis. It’s all a joke, and the lemmings are falling for it hook line and sinker.
Like I said on several posts it's a battery on four wheels, it turns out to be four very expensive wheels!.
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