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Old 4th May 2021, 02:06   #1
Posted a thing or two
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Default Club Calendar Car for May

Just noticed May is my month on the club calendar
The car is one of only 89 (?) ZT-T 190se built also the paint is the rarest there is! Well after Razen Brown of course (2 cars). 4 cars in total in Mongram Horizon Supertallic IBF. Funnily enough 2 x ZT-T 190se, so probably identical and both MG Rover factory manager cars.
Mine was owned originally by a Finance Director who I have spoken to and confirmed the early years of the car. The identical twin is missing but is leading a low mileage cosseted type life as far as MOT history shows. I know the Reg. and was last sold at a Renault dealership in Crewe, the reg ends ** 54 OAL if anyone by chance spots it.

Also built in Horizon were 2 x MG ZR 160's. One of which went to Germany so only 3 Horizon painted cars in Britian! The British ZR has had a few owners but is still going ** 05 LXU only 60 thousand miles so well looked after hopefully!
The paint code is so rare that dealers and owners alike have got it wrong! Mine has been advertised on ebay by a proper MG garage as Mirage and the second owners of the missing twin had thought it was Celestial

20210502_221134 by Tam Ogilvy, on Flickr

Any way the story of discovering (not really as it had been hiding in plain sight on here) the ZT-T was a bit like fate.

I first spotted it in this photo posted on another unrelated forum. I thought it was interesting and worth asking the poster a few questions.

Screenshot_20200616-065156_UC Browser by Tam Ogilvy, on Flickr

Turns out it had been on the owners drive for 5 years roughly but he didn't think it was a mongram. He rectified that the next day by saying it was indeed a monogram and quite rare! I had kinda worked that out as the picture for Horizon in Reebs's excellent "Many colours" thread showed a car with a very similar reg. I was shocked to have it confirmed as the rarest colour produced and flippantly enquired if it was for sale. Even better when I was told it was for sale but needed some buttoning up due to a lenghty engine replacement with all new belts, clutch, air con condensor and plenty other parts.

We agreed a deal but given the car was quite deep into England and I'm fairly well into Scotland and also last August was not great for travel it took a bit of organising. I had though got an appropriate lift and was all set to travel when my whole work went into lockdown for 2 weeks and I was back to square one! Thankfully a fellow member here stepped up who was travelling to South England for family business and agreed to pick the car up for me. So no plain sailing no viewing and an fairly untested replacement engine (MOT station and back) the car was picked up and delivered to near me a couple of days later

Indirect journey from pick up back up to me

Screenshot_20200824-101027_Maps by Tam Ogilvy, on Flickr

The car is not faultles, bodywork wise or otherwise but I am delighted with it and I am running it pretty much daily at the moment. Big difference compared to the diesels I have been driving up til now. 28 - 30 mpg but a great cruiser on rural roads around here

Screenshot_20200908-193321_Gallery by Tam Ogilvy, on Flickr

20201011_171341 by Tam Ogilvy, on Flickr

Screenshot_20200908-170347_Gallery by Tam Ogilvy, on Flickr

20200901_130459 by Tam Ogilvy, on Flickr
Lagoon, last one built! And Horizon 1 of only 2!....MY CARS
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An excellent wee history there, thanks for sharing
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Old 4th May 2021, 13:07   #3
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Now that is a great colour. 👍
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Posted a thing or two ;-)
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This is by far the best looking ZT(-T) in the club calendar for years!

After the Photoshopped drooling dogs photo of March I needed time to recover where April helped a lot. Now May is on display and it is indeed the best photo and the nicest car I have seen in months. Thank you for sending in your submission! Much appreciated.


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