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They closed the flaps too soon if I recall and the lost lift.

I was living only a few miles down the road from that crash site.
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Old 23rd June 2022, 22:48   #12
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Originally Posted by COLVERT View Post
They closed the flaps too soon if I recall and the lost lift.

I was living only a few miles down the road from that crash site.
Yes I remember the crash, if they hadn't retracted the flaps and more importantly the leading edge slats too soon it would have been ok. The leading edge slats shouldn't have been retracted unless the airspeed was over 255 knots.

The flaps/slats on the Trident provided very good lift even at fairly slow speeds. The Rolls Royce Speys were a bit noisy and the attempt to keep the noise level within the noise abatement levels could be difficult and pilots got a black mark if they exceeded them.


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The engines fitted to Tridents were Rolls Royce Speys, and the noise abatement restrictions are still in force today, though all engines are quieter.
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Old 24th June 2022, 08:47   #14
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There's a number of programmes on the digi channels that cover air crash investigations. Very interesting they are too, some of the reasons for the incidents are quite worrying. Glad I don't fly.

The film Sulley with Tom Hanks is very good, little bit of artistic licence, but otherwise well presented. Well it's Tom Hanks.

Also Freefall: Flight 174. Another good portrayal which highlights how it's not just one issue that results in an incident.

Wasn't aware of this particular incident though.
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