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Old 14th January 2021, 11:50   #61
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Originally Posted by macafee2 View Post
I think the fines have been rescinded and the force and officers slated. Do you think it has helped get members of the public to comply with the rules or led to more pushing the boundaries?

I genuinely do not know Ian. From a personal viewpoint I think Dorset Police were “hamstrung” in the summer when despite Lockdown shutting the beaches and seafront idiots still came anyway.

We are self isolating seriously now as my wife is recovering from her operation so I have not been out at all to come across Hampshire police in our local car park. But neighbours who have say the experience is good, sensible and professional.

We are a good ten months into this now so I would not expect Dorset Police to give another party organiser as much “rope” as they gave previously.

But trying to make out a cup of coffee “constitutes a picnic” simply leaves police open to ridicule - and the awful spectacle of an ignominious climb down.

I hope the bumbling fools concerned have had the Micky taken out of them a bit and let’s hope it forces those that revel in the idea that “they are the Law!” in some sort of Judge Dredd fantasy, to re-think their actions.

The last thing we need is people treating all Police with contempt because of the stupid actions of a few “over reaching Police Officers” at whatever level.
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This is my second home

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Originally Posted by Steamdrivenandy View Post
And, of course, policing by consent means the consent of the majority, not the minority who commit offences.
Good point.
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This is my second home

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Originally Posted by marinabrian View Post
Anyway as an aside to all of this, I was pulled over by the police last evening on the way home and asked what the purpose of my journey was.

The police officer commented that my car number had been pinged as I had travelled into Newcastle city centre, then pinged again as I left shortly afterwards.

He went on to say that in light of this, he had travelled from the west area command (about four miles) specifically to question me

I asked him what relevance my journey was to warrant such an action? his reply was Covid restrictions, then demanded to know why I was apparently becoming belligerent in light of his questions.

You can picture the look on his face when I told him that the purpose of my journey was to pick up my wife from her place of work at the hospital, and that his time might be better spent employed usefully like her, and having just completed a 13 hour shift dealing with Covid patients, she was looking forward to her tea !!

I was fizzing at the absolute waste of resources by someone who was obviously bored

Interpretation of "rules" is fine, squandering the goodwill of the public is not.


Typical 'better than you' copper - 'beligerant' for querying his reasons for stopping you - it's the typical police technique to deliberately escalate a situation to gain sufficient grounds to take a stop further. I'd like to think that when asked the purpose of my journey I would do similar in establishing the reason for the stop. It's worth noting that, as you'll know, a policeman can stop a motor vehicle at any time for no reason, but that is solely for the purpose of checking the legality of the driver and vehicle. Once (s)he asks where you've been or what you are doing it changes to a different kind of stop 'stop and account' for which the police need a reasonable suspicion (i can never spell that) or a crime taking place. Guidelines aren't laws and contravening them aren't crimes..... I'd (like to think) that I'd tell him I'd been there (indicating behind me) and was going 'there' (somewhere ahead of me) to carry out my lawful private business.
You're not alone up there. It's not so long ago that NYP stasi got slapped again for deciding to 'man the borders' and repel incomers from higher tier areas.
Mind you, telling him I was transporting an NHS vital worker might have been worth the look on his face..... lol.
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Originally Posted by Darcydog View Post
On a broader issue - whereas I think my two local police forces have acted with admirable common sense - the same cannot be said of Derbyshire Police.

If I was a Derbyshire resident I would be concerned at just how willing the Police Force there was to act like a totalitarian arbiter rather than policing “by consent”
Which makes it very important that force amalgamation is not done in the name of efficiency - there is much more at stake. In other words, no Police England like there is Police Scotland - we might just get a Derbyshire Chief Constable type in overall charge!

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