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Due to members' concerns about the number of Stickies taking up viewing/screen-space on this forum, some have been removed and included in this one "Sticky". And others have been added to the original list or broken up from multiple listing stickies. This has been done to facilitate the ease of use to members who are searching for a particular topic.

Below is a list of common links that are frequently requested for information. Not necessarily How To's but points to note....

This list will be up-dated whenever a new issue arises that warrants a mention.. Some links are open to allow members to contribute to the the threads. Others are Closed - if you need these amended please contact any Moderator.

The Clubs Data-sheets including How To's in pdf format are here. And the General How To Forums are here.

In addition to these I have put the following links together

Here we go, in general, in numerical - alphabetical order

75 & ZT Colours

Refurbish your Alloy Wheels

Automatic Transmission Servicing

Axle Stands - Support

Bleeding brakes a warning

Bonnet cable catch receptors - greasing

Bonnet Pull - Fix once for good

Bonnet release divider block inspection

Boot Adjustment

Brakes - Info


How to remove and refit the Mk 1 75 front bumper

Headlight Bulb Test & Comparison - Useful info...


How to release CD magazine

CDT (i) starting issues - Troubleshooting

Clay Detailing - Newbies Guide to

Cup Holder,- Front - Removal of

Diagnostic Mode - Updated, Clarified and Simplified

How To test the Diesel High-Pressure system

Door Alignment

How to correctly refit your door cards

Door Catch - Inner - Removal

Door Catch - Inner - Repair

Electric seat knob fix

Emissions systems - An Intro

Engine Management Systems - An Intro...

Front-end jobs links list

WARNING Fuel Tank Straps

General car checks when viewing a car

Good Washing Technique

Handbrake Tensioner Assembly Adjustment How To

Headlight sanding and polishing

Header Tank Level

1.8 Head Gasket Failure - Probable Causes

Heat Shield hanging down onto exhaust pipe

Heated seats, how to improve them.

Add additional HORNS

How to Forum

Info on Seats, Airbags and Connectors

Interior light

Jatco Auto box- WARNING

JATCO Automatic Transmission Refill. MGR Bulletin

Jules' Tips

Key Fob replacement buttons

Leaking rear vents - How to fix

MG ZT Spec Checker

Misfires - Diagnosing

Fitting Mud flaps properly



O2 Sensors and how they work

O rings elbow access

How to fit Intercooler O Rings without removing bumper or headlight

Orange Clip -Part Number & Price

Other tasks while front is off

Paint Swirl Removal - The Basics

Stuck for part numbers? Look no further!

Pictures - uploading from PC to Forum

Pictures - uploading to posts

Fitting a new MAF sensor & PCV filter

Lower Plenum (under servo) Cleaning (+ Ramps)

Plenums - the facts

Plenum check - Video

Plenum Check The Reason Why

Plenums - the mods...

Plenums - Checking

Plenum Drains - Rodding

Plenum Spyhole Mod

Plenum Spyhole Mod and Servo drain

Prevent power steering pipe rubbing through Aircon pipe

Project Drive - Illustrated

Radiator fans description and operation

How To - Identify Your 75 Or ZT Radio/Stereo

How to Deactivate the Radio Codes

How to get a 75 (and other modern cars) onto RAMPS

Really really useful info (some info may be duplicated in this list)

Replacing Rear Pads and Discs

Remote Working? Try this tip....

Removing fan motor without degassing A/C system

Tourer Roof rail fitting instructions

Reversing sensor- problems

Rover 75 Spec Checker

Slam Panel removal easy way

How to remove and refit the Steering Wheel

How do I.... Get rid of stone chips

Sunroof Drains

Synergy - fitting in pictures

Tailgate Emergency Release

Thermostat & Housing Diesel CDT/i - Changing How To..

Tie back resistor wires away from Condenser

Towing Weights

Trim Checker

Tyre Pressures

Tyre Size - Calculator

Under bonnet fuel pump upgrade diesel

Washer Bottle clogged?

Washing Techniques

Wheel Alignment Specs.

Winter Check List

Wrong Fuel (AA site)

Ich Dien
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