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Originally Posted by ardvark View Post
Me and my mouth. Car is playing up worst than before on the way to work. ��
If it ran OK even for a short while after playing with the connectors and then went on the blink again it must be something you touched.

It would seem you need a CLOSE look at each connector now to find the dodgy one.--
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Well I managed to get home from work.
Got in the house and was presented with a shopping list.
Got back in the car, it started but wouldn't run smoothly below 2000 revs
Below that it cut out.
AA man was called.
After he messed about he go a hammer and chisel out from his van.
After I challenged him he said he wanted to tap the EGR valve
The bit he tapped was the EGR valve as we talk about and the metal square bit the other end of the concertina bit of pipe.
He said they were blocked.
When he took the rubber pipe off the have a look it looked clean to me.
He said I need to take it to a garage for them to clean it.
He did spray some stuff into the EGR valve that made the exhaust smoke like hell.
After he went I took the valve off and wiped it over ( that's how clean it was)
and checked the valve was opening ok.
Once back together again everything seemed ok.
Nice tick over and it drove well.
Question I have to members in the know, was he trying to pull the wool over me eyes? when I pointed to the EGR valve we talk about he said that's not it, he pointed to the square metal bit after the concertina bit of pipe.
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