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Old 18th October 2020, 14:44   #511
Mad on moggies
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You're not alone Bob, I have similar senior moments myself, lol,

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Old 31st October 2020, 14:58   #512
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Cool We have news from England..................................

........................................... It seems that my late god son's ex-wife is seriously ill in hospital. Had a stroke last week, quite a bad one. Her daughter Elizabeth has been to the hospital to see her but was only allowed a few minutes. I was surprised that she went to see her mum, seeing as they hate the sight of one and other. But Elizabeth explained that having lost her Dad she thought that she would try and make peace with her. Doubtful that will happen now.

Roger is still out in the Caribbean with his family. It's highly unlikely that he will ever return to Brazil. He has sold all his businesses along with the house. Wants to come back to the UK and start all over again. I cannot see that happening for some time yet.

Spoke to Michael on the phone last week. His eye operation was a success. His daughter Laura came and stayed with him whilst he he recuperated, think she needed to get out of the flat for a break. Laura has joined up with a couple of other girls, they have gone into business together designing jewellery. As per norm Michael has put the funds up for her contribution to the business. I hope she is successful.

My new neighbour, Kelsey, has been into my house and has fell in love with it. She has said that her and her boyfriend have had decorate the kids bedrooms in their rented house. They got permission from the owners.
Anyhow Kelsey popped in and asked to borrow a screwdriver, done this about 4 times now. She said to me, "I'll have to get myself a tool kit so I stop bothering you".
I answered, "No don't do that, I like you popping in. Your smile brightens up my day". Kelsey replied,"That's the best chat up line I have heard for a long time".

The weather has been horrendous down here. Has stopped me going out into the garden. In between the showers I have planted out a load of bulbs. Just want to get some winter pansies in, but will wait till the rain stops. And the grass wants cutting again.
Have had a tidy up in the garage and took a load of stuff up to the tip.
I'm only going out for essential shopping. So both cars are taking it in turn.

Heard a great expression on the radio the other day. "When we get through this mattress, I'll see you all in the spring". Made me chuckle.

So keep safe and see you next year.
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Old 21st November 2020, 19:33   #513
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Cool Not good news concerning various neighbours...................

................................. we have one in hospital having suffered a massive heart attack. Touch and go at the moment. Another neighbour has suffered a stroke, initially in hospital but home now. Unable to speak and struggling to walk. His family have rallied round to help his wife as best they can in these troubled times.
Elderly lady across the road has had a fall and broke her wrist.

My neighbour, Karen, is due to go into hospital next month for knee replacement. Was due to go into the local NHS hospital but she is now going into the local Nuffield hospital. Fingers crossed it all goes ahead. And to cap it all Iíve had a fall. Tripped over my neighbours dogs lead. Fell backwards, my well cushioned rear absorbed the fall. But I did end flat on my back on the pavement. Winded but ok. Took me a few minutes to grasp what had happened. The dog, a golden retriever puppy came and sat on my lap.

It took Gerry and Karen to get me on my feet, and then they me made sit on the step. To get my breath back.
And the puppy came and sat on my lap again. Bruised my shoulder but other than that I was ok.
The weather has not been all that good, mostly rain but a few clear days. Managed to get my winter pansies in. Mostly in pots but a few made it into the ground.

I have strawberries still flowering, and berries are coming through. And the friendship rose is flowering for the third time this year. Itís never done that before. And my two Camila bushes are starting to flower, not sure if they are late or very early to flower. Still it adds colour to the gardens. Been up the tip with the garden rubbish twice this week.
Both cars are running ok. But Banana will be going in to the workshop in the New Year to get the gremlins sorted out for once and all.
The Bear has been back to the garage to sort out the ongoing brake problem.

Richards ex-wife, who suffered a stroke, is still in hospital but is getting better. She was supposed to be in court next month to answer the burglary and handling stolen goods charges. That looks like it will be put back till she is able to leave hospital, and strong enough to go to court. Knowing her it will be a long time before that happens. Her daughter, Elizabeth, has been in contact with her mum but only by letter as no visitors are not allowed. Not sure how things will pan out.

As you may know that on the 30th November 2017 I was notified by letter that not only had my older brother passed away but he had been cremated as well. Trying to find out why I wasnít told that he was in hospital with inoperable cancer or why I wasnít told about his death and the date of his funeral was an uphill battle. Up and till now I was no wiser. All I knew was where his ashes had been scattered, or so I thought. Last year, 2019, on one of my mini tours I attended the the cemetery in Sussex to pay my respects.
Turns out his ashes HAVE NOT been scattered yet.

When my mobile rings if I donít recognise the number I donít pick up the phone, so when it rang three weeks ago I let it go to voicemail. Came as a surprise to hear a lady wanting to speak to me about the death of my brother. So I phoned back. Turns out that she is a solicitor acting on my sister in laws behalf. The solicitor said that she had written to me 6 times and all 6 letters had been returned unopened. I politely asked where she had been sending the letters to. ďBarkingsideĒ. She replied. And I said, ďthere lies the problem as I moved out in June 2018Ē.

So I asked where did you get my mobile number from, she said that my sister in law had come across it whilst sorting through my brothers papers. Personally I donít believe that for one moment but I have no proof. Anyway my sister in law now wants to see me and explain everything. I asked if that was the case then why not phone me direct. The solicitor replied that it was best done through a third party in case I lost my temper and shouted at her. As if I would?

They want me to travel to Southend, in Essex, and meet at the solicitors office. My answer was owing to the lockdown there was no way I was driving that far to see them. And what guarantees was there that my sister in law would actually attend, as the last time we was supposed to meet she failed to turn up.
I very politely said to the solicitor that if my sister in law wanted to speak to me then she can phone me direct.

Well that was three weeks ago. Absolutely nothing since. No phone calls or letters from anyone.(I did give the solicitor my new address). I cannot phone my sister in law as I donít know where she is. She sold the house in Southend Essex soon after my brother passed away. And I donít see why I have to do all the chasing about. She could still be in Southend or at a daughters in Chichester or maybe at her sonís who lives on the Isle of Man.
To be perfectly honest it doesnít bother me anymore to the reasons why. And up and till three weeks ago I had not given it much thought.

So thatís the news up to date.

I hope you are all keeping well and keeping out of trouble.

Thanks for reading. Hoping to catch up with some of you in the New Year.
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Old 30th November 2020, 15:59   #514
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Cool I really shouldnít be allowed out..........


11 years ago whilst my wife was in hospital I decided to redecorate our flat, well someone else done
the work I just paid the bills. I bought all new furniture and so on. I also bought a matching pair of lamps, one floor standing and the other being a table lamp. Never any problems with the table lamp other than changing the bulbs. But the floor standing lamp used to wobble, it never seemed to stand right. Permanently leaned.

When I first moved down here so the lamps came as well. In the rented house there was thick carpet and the floor standing lap still leaned but at least it didnít wobble. Again when I moved here to my new home it came along. Now downstairs I have laminate flooring but upstairs thick carpet. So the lamp has mainly stayed upstairs and used there.

But today I decided to bring it down and use it in the lounge. Gave it a clean and it went back to wobbling and leaning. Then the light bulb in the brain switched on. Got the sockets out, laid the lamp across the sofa and I preceded to unscrew the base. Itís either made of lead or concrete but it is heavy. Once unscrewed I then set about getting the chrome cover off. Except it wouldnít come off. No idea how it is held on. But I put the base on the floor to see why it wobbled, but it didnít. Mmmm!!!!!

So I threaded it back onto the stem, and tightened it up with the socket. Stood it up, and now it doesnít wobble or lean. So after all this time all it needed was to be tightened up. Another lay down in a darkened room was called for.

Our neighbour who suffered the heart attack has since passed away. Turns out he was nearly 90 so a good innings I suppose. I only met him the once when we had our social distancing VE Day celebration. He lived with his son. Not sure if the son will stay on in the house. It is has 5 bedrooms, 2 were added when the extension was built.

It has never bothered me about the lockdown until now. Starting to get a bit fed up with it all. But I have started building model cars again, takes my mind off of things. On eBay there was a ďWills FinecastĒ 1928 Bentley 4/12 litre for sale in kit form. Starting price was £25, so I put a bid in. Then another came to light and I bid on that as well. Some of these kits sell for over £90, so I knew the bids would rise. I was prepared to go to £90. So you can imagine my surprise when I got one for £48. Well pleased, but totally forgot about the second one I had bid on. And I won that as well for £31.

So thatís a pair of white metal kits to build once I have finished building a resin and white metal Ford Escort van. Poor fittings has lead me to make some alterations to get the floor pan to fit the body. And am also converting a standard ďVanguardsĒ MG ZT into a wide arch model. I look for the damaged models, they are always cheap. This ZT cost me £10, missing its mirrors and no box.

Which leads me to another pair of bargains bought off of the bay. Both 1/18th scale but two different manufacturers. TSM and Autocult. Bentley Exp 8 Le Mans cars. The TSM one had itís original packing plus box but had a snapped off rear wing and both mirrors missing. The Autocult one had no box, nor any chassis. But it had a complete rear wing plus mirrors. I paid a combined price of £80 for the two. If you look on eBay the TSM ones can sell for up to £250. So I now have one complete plus spare body, wheels and a few other bits.

I had a clear out of model spares, bits I have had years and never used. There was over 100 odd wheels and tyres, suspension parts, interiors plus other odd bits that I would never use. So I packed them all up and contacted Mininuts aka Paul Townson on here. He builds model Miniís, does conversions and rescues to odd damaged oneís. And so the package went off to Paul.
Another rescue of mine is a 1/24th Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II convertible, paid a fiver for it. No Flying Lady and three snapped off wheels. All fixed other than the Flying Lady.

Thanks for reading. Hope to catch up at some point with some of you in the New Year.

Keep safe.
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