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Originally Posted by stocktake View Post

Last year the older one was diagnosed with a hearing loss in one ear and they were unable to find a cause. Yesterday he woke up totally deaf in his good ear and none of the specialist he saw today as an emergency appointment know why, only that it is probably permanent. He has an MRI next week.

How do you explain to a 7yr old that he will no longer be able to hear anything, how do you explain to the parents that it is not their fault.
Most sorry to read your sad news, I sincerely hope that the deafness is temporary and just one of those inexplicable things as once happened to our daughter.

Many years ago she phoned on her way home from school saying she had to park her moped as she couldn’t see and could I come and pick her up, which of course I did. She’d totally lost her vision. Driving back through town I stopped at an optician friend, he couldn’t find any reason, a later visit to the quacks gave the same shrugged answer. Long story short, her vision returned a day later, the specialist put it down to stress at school. All very scary and thankfully never happened again.

We never discussed any negative future, only that the quacks/optician didn't know what was going on and that we'd do everything in our power to see her sight regained.

Hope you have a similar outcome to my daughter's.

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