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Originally Posted by myfirstrover View Post
I get the impression that MOT garages just put advisories in to make it look like they're doing a good job ?
Some definitely do it much more than others. Mine rarely does, but those I get I pay attention to and sort out immediately as they wouldn't advise without cause. I have been using them, same owner, for about 20 years so you do build up trust and understanding. They wouldn't pass anything they shouldn't and nor would I ask them too.

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Well I will put the case for a new car! We got our car with 5 year’s service so I could own the car for 6 years with no worries - it would always be available for trips. When I was young I was happy to mess around with the spanners on the old wrecks we had to rely on but in my dotage I can think of so many better things to do with my time than working in the cold on an oily car. I don’t think I have ever looked under the bonnet and confess I have no idea where the battery is! Now that it has reached the age when expensive repairs might be needed at the exact same time that I suspect BMW will lose interest in my old banger, time for something new.

So on Saturday it will be replaced by a nice new I Pace and we will be back in a British car - OK, owned by Indians and assembled by Austrians in a Canadian Company....

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My Friend and I both used to use a local garage my friend recommended them to me she had been using them for 20 years. Last year they failed her car on on numerous items and charged her a fortune to fix them. I was away at the time but when I came back went to see the garage as I thought the bill was rubbishto day the least. The owner wouldn’t come out of his house but the chief mechanic talked to me he was extremely embarrassed it seems the owners son had started private school that term and since then the owner had been doing all the MOTs and failing everything.
Long story short the garage has lost many long established customers and been reported to dvla.
All because of one mans greed to pay for private school.

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