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Old 21st May 2019, 10:18   #21
This is my second home
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Originally Posted by minimutly View Post
Hmm, not sure if the s type rusted - the x did, with gusto. Any info appreciated.
At the end of the day you're replacing one old car with another old car...
How about this list:-
How about that list. Lots of old cars there too needing TLC. Those marques all have nice cars but, ALL will cost more to maintain/repair etc than the average old Rovers and MGs. Often much more as anyone visiting other car sites will soon see.

VOLVO above all the others in the list really have got their act together in the last decade or so with some very attractive models.
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Old 22nd May 2019, 07:39   #22
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Would definately recommend Volvo S60 2005 model year on. Bullet proof engines, don't rot, comfortable, economical, all original parts available which don't cost an arm and a leg (in some cases they're cheaper than the parts for the 75/ZT) and if you get an SE with the winter pack better equipped than a Connie SE

I've been running one as a daily for the last 3 years almost 30,000 miles, it's a wonderful car, reliable, far, far easier to work on than any 75/ZT and designed and put together in a way that far exceeds the 75/ZT.


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Thanks for all the interesting comments. How reassuring to hear I'm not the only person thinking it's irreplaceable or buy another one!
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Old 25th May 2019, 20:41   #24
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Originally Posted by pmaliphant View Post
Thanks for all the interesting comments. How reassuring to hear I'm not the only person thinking it's irreplaceable or buy another one!

It's nice, but not irreplaceable.

There are some beautiful cars available - e.g. Jaguar and Mercedes.
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Old 25th May 2019, 21:00   #25
This is my second home
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I'd have a V90 if I could afford one. I think they are great replacement estate cars. And they look great as well
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Old 25th May 2019, 21:09   #26
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Originally Posted by pmaliphant View Post
After 16 years and almost 250,000 miles of the wonderful Rover 75, I can see that old age (car not me) is soon going to make a replacement necessary. When the roof lining suddenly drops off, the gear knob comes apart in your hands and the door handle trims just drop off, the car is probably trying to tell me something!

My question is, what on earth could replace it? Any suggestions from all you helpful people?
I can honestly say that there is really no car that can follow the R75, Rover made a very fine car all those years ago, they new it then but others were adamant to destroy the company, both within and without. From that era there is nothing that remotely has the character, flawed yes but wonderful all the same, so my advise is find another 75, or better still fix the little problems and carry on for a little longer one day these wonderful cars will all be gone and then boy are they going to be missed, trust me, it will be so.
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Old 26th May 2019, 11:53   #27
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I went to a 3.0 S Type Jag from a 75 2.0 v6 Club SE and found fuel costs to be similar if not slightly better in the Jag but it isn't put together as well as the 75, the ride quality of the Jag isn't quite as comfortable and the Jag does suffer from a corrosion issue although no where as bad as the X type that can be horrendous. The Jag interior looks nice with its leather and the built in sat nav, the wood looks nice quality but it doesnt feel like the 75, the Jag is a good car but expensive for parts, I had to replace a couple of suspension arms and they cost £400 for these parts and it looks like I will be doing the rear shocks and other suspension arms soon so another £500. The 6 speed auto boxes must have an oil change done on them by 100000 miles as they get jerky , the oil is very specific and can be costly the filter will need changing which is part of the gearbox sump and that is also costly. The 2.7 v6 diesel has it's own problems if only used for short journeys but you can read about them . I have been on the look out for a nice 75 tourer for a little while to replace the jag but I'm a bit fussy so have also now started to look at Volvo v70s I've driven a couple and they seem well put together and are comfortable but most seem to have mega mileage and people want to money.
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Old 26th May 2019, 12:11   #28
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I've been mulling this over for some years now - I've had a fantastic run with 75s and ZTs, and have loved every one.

I've since owned a few cars, and my findings are as follows:
- VW Phaeton 3.0 Diesel. Fantastic car, but very very big and lots to go wrong. Spent more time fixing than driving...
Absolutely ruinous in terms of fuel economy if you boot it, but can do 30MPG on a run. Unstoppable in snow as they're 4 wheel drive.

- BMW E46 330d. Another great car, and sharing lots of DNA with the 75/ZT makes them quite 'familiar' to drive and work on. I know BMW is indeed a swear word here, but for all their flaws they do make some very good cars.
Easy to work on, cheap-ish to run and very, very quick. I have a 330d Saloon for winter, and a 330Cd convertible for the summer... both very old and battered (but it wouldn't be me if they weren't!)

- E61 LCI 530d (Tourer, 2008). Absolute machine for pressing on with, very good on fuel for the size (similar to the 330d) and comfort in spades.
I only borrowed this car for a long distance run to Inverness and back, but I really enjoyed it.

Personally, I'll be popping myself in a BMW E61 at some point - in 530d or 535d format. There's a lot of stigma attached to them, but they are a very good motor.
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