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Old 10th December 2018, 09:28   #9471
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Originally Posted by Arctic View Post
Removed the front scuttle panel so it could be painted, cleaned the crud from the front window screen below the scuttle panel once removed, added a interior pull to the drives side.

Washed all three it will most likely be the MGZT last wash in my ownership, as my son is having it now I have my tourer.

also added some aquarium filter sponge to stop the leaves etc getting into the plenums.



Scuttle painted and back in place


Then the NUK was finally washed


Tomorrow I will take the four spare star spokes to be refurbished
I painted the scuttle panel, wiper arms and plenum covers on mine a while back and it makes a lot of difference - decided to use paint as these 'back to black' type products don't seem to last too long before they fade again. Surprising how much muck accumulates under them so i did spend a while cleaning it all up before putting them back, including removing all the cobwebs.

Gave it a good wash yesterday as it deserved it after spending the last couple of weeks sulking in the garage. Want to try and get the sills and wheel arches done with anti-corrosion wax so hopefully if it's not too cold and wet over Christmas will be able to get that done before salt goes down on the road.
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Old 10th December 2018, 14:01   #9472
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Originally Posted by marinabrian View Post
Well seeing as it's you, and the temperature outside is only -2 centigrade, what about the new coffee table ornaments ??

We couldn't have the scrapmen taking away such valuable spare parts now

Sorry Mark, they are both intact (despite Trikey's best efforts) but only one is the right colour though


Oi! I resemble that remark.
Lest we forget..
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Old 10th December 2018, 14:17   #9473
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Did the 'bonnet pull mod' today although all seemed to be spot-on anyway, but thought I would take the forum's advice and 'future proof' it ... just in case, lubed the cables and bonnet catches too.
Also thought I would have a go at the plenum cleaning job, got it all apart and as predicted ... actual drain hole was blocked with what looked like 14 years of a fine powdery mud, not a single leaf or twig in sight!! was quite surprised tbh. As a member suggested, I used a 15mm plumbers bending spring and just carefully twisted and pushed it through a couple of times.
Clean as a whistle now. Thought I would go OTT and completely cover everything under the scuttle covers with a good healthy dose of WD40, then give the wiper mechanism pivot points a dab of grease.
All back together now ... on to the next job!
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Old 10th December 2018, 17:02   #9474
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Washed and polished the zt then took her for an mot, .........and she passed. 🙂🙂
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