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Default ZT 190 belt slipping noise?

Hi there,

My 190 makes a sort of intermittent chittering noise when the engine is cold. (It's not a constant squeel.)

It sounds to me like a belt is slipping, but I had all three drive belts replaced two or three years ago, and from what I remember, they all had teeth so I assume they can't slip.

Is there another (presumably non-toothed) belt that could be causing this noise? If not, perhaps it's a bearing somewhere.


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Hello Tim. The toothed timing belts won't slip so are not likely to be the cause of your noise. It's much more likely coming from the external auxiiary drive belt. Rather than slippage, it will most probably be from the tensioner pulley bearing. There are lots of discussions about this and your best fix may be a new tensioner unit. If so, they're are widely available.

Example: https://www.dmgrs.co.uk/products/kv6...ebef2342&_ss=r


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As T-cut says the tensioner can give a similar noise.

How long does the noise last for and does switching on aircon, operating the steering make it any louder or last longer ?

After a cold start the alternator puts a high load out and this can cause that twitter on a belt with a bit of glazing till the load falls off,

To see if it is the belt or tensioner bearing, before a cold start give the belt and pulleys a misting with water, if it stops the twitter it is more than likely from the belt/pulleys.
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