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T4 can’t put it on, well not the Omitec T4 out of the box anyway. Toaf or BMW Scanner units can by changing a particular number in the IPK code, but that then throws up an error message of ‘check sum incorrect’ when a T4 is later connected. Not a problem and T4 can be used in the normal way without affecting the modification.

The only problem is when rewriting any updates using T4 back to a car for example changing dealer options such as lazy lock, then T4 will rewrite the modified check sum digit back to its original thus loosing the digital speedo.

Of course it’s entirely possible that the same laptop PC used to run T4 can have loaded onto it, the BMW scanner software or toaf, so perhaps that is what confused you Simon?
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I had the Digital Speedo set up on my ZT-T by Big Russ.
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Originally Posted by cb750chris View Post
Hi Ian,
As Brian says, the digital speedometer cannot be enabled using the T4.
However when I did your replacement IPK, I coded it in using the t4, then manually enabled the digital speedometer afterwards (as it seems silly not to have the option available).
If you want me to disable it on your tourer, or enable it on your saloon just give me a shout and I will sort you out.
Hi Chris thank you for coming on to this thread. No no dont disable it on my Tourer I like it and sometimes use it.

Does any car have 2 speedos? I think I may well take you up on the offer for the saloon, thank you.

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You can of course, access a digital speedo version by using the OBD method
7 Temperatures and Speeds
7.0 Coolant/Engine temperature - changes every whole degree Centigrade. (eg: 021+ is 21°C)
7.1 Ambient/Outside temperature - changes every 0.5 degree Centigrade. (eg.125/130/135 is 12.5°/13.0°/13.5°C)
7.2 Engine speed / Current (RPM)
7.3 Vehicle speed / Current Speed (km/hour)
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