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Old 1st December 2020, 12:51   #1
Gets stuck in
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Default Scum warning.-Christmas "Crims."

As above- you may not need a heads up but Catalytic convertors are being stolen in my area and Im sure the same will apply all over the UK. So if you hear a unusual noise outside -look out you window or door. They usually operate in threes. Not to forget house and garage burglaries- garden equipment, tool and the like, they all convert into cash for their drugs. Happy Christmas to all my readers. Chris.S.
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Old 1st December 2020, 13:37   #2
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I can't believe just how big of an issue this is now - but it's huge around here too.
Awful, just awful

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Old 1st December 2020, 14:45   #3
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One or two of these in strategic places around your car might wake them up...

Lest we forget..
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Old 1st December 2020, 15:04   #4
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many years ago my dad parked his van in the service road at the back of the house where it was not overlooked. It had our Christmas presents in it and clear low windows.
The van was broken into and presents stolen, my dad was poor, just recounting my dad long since passed is making me cry. He went and replaced them so we had something on Christmas day.

my daughter and son in law are both front line emergency services, work hard and have been renovating a house. £700 odd pounds worth of damage done to their brand new door as the house was empty it was kicked in.

I support "Tony Martin Security" 1 never robbed again so his method works.
Not sure about the other one

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Old 1st December 2020, 15:24   #5
Ian G
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I was looking at the Copart website just a couple of days ago and it's surprising how many of the insurance write off's are because of cat thefts
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Old 1st December 2020, 15:31   #6
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And it has started here as well.
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Old 1st December 2020, 17:34   #7
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In the last couple of weeks in our village we have had a spate of crime , lead stolen from the church roof , bike hire shop broken into losing £16000 worth of bikes , and the last 2 nights 2 land rover defenders 110 , both nearly new , couple of weeks back a farm got done and they took 3 out of 5 puppies, all females.
Nice to know the game keepers are now patrolling at night "fully equipped "

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Old 1st December 2020, 19:17   #8
Posted a thing or two
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I wonder what we've come to when you can have it away with several £millions from a pension fund apparently without any consequences at all but give a scumbag what for and you're probably the one who'll end up in prison.

My BRG Conny SE Tourer was born on Thursday, 17th October 2002
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Old 1st December 2020, 19:32   #9
Gets stuck in
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I have a Clifford G5 alarm and Immobiliser fitted to my car. It's quite an old bit of kit.. fitted directly into the wiring of the car... but it has sensors.!!

Anyone goes even close to my car and it makes a loud noise.!

Cost about £450 to have fitted but a great deterrent...But doe's keeps you on your toes.!

Sometimes growl's when someone just walks past..! But i can live with that.!
Beware of spanner wielding 'Mechanics' who think they know what you mean better than you do.
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Old 1st December 2020, 20:19   #10
It runs
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Budyhell I didn't know cat theft was so big how are they cutting them off in silence . When I do anything to the car you can usually hear me swearing and making some noise
Changed everything that needs changing and everything that didn't .
It's called preventive maintenance.
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