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Default Fan belt tensioner

My vehicle is a Rover 75, 2003, CDT, manual, lhd, diesel. I am living on the Costa Blanca, spain.

I had both belts replaced and I think my fitter forgot the tensioner was retained by a left hand thread.

After picking up my car, the next day I was turning left and there was a serious rattling noise (like road stones hitting the chassis)followed by a clunk. I looked under the bonnet and the main belt seems to be moving across the lower pulley. My interpretation is that the tensioner was not secured owing to the fitter forgetting it was retained by a left hand thread bolt. He is a fitter not a mechanic.

There doesn't appear to be any noises and the belts seem intact. No warning lights are lit up. At this time. Maybe tensioner has fell off.

Anyone got a spare tensioner to sell me?
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If the tensioner is gone, you seem unsure, then you'll soon know as your battery will go flat and your engine will boil and your power steering will stop working.

Apart from that everything will be OK.---------------
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