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Old 8th November 2019, 20:05   #1
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Default south yorkshire floods

any of our members on here been affected by the recent heavy rain in south yorkshire. i live in deepcar near stocksbridge the rural areas of sheffield and we've had some localised flooding but nothing like whats been seen on the tv . rgds mark
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Gets stuck in
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A1 just topside of us at Tuxford closed yesterday due to flooding, we,re getting a lot of diverted traffic through the village , fields flooded at the back of us other than that its just wet
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I'll ask my daughter if she was on a shout for flooding as she is a firefighter, I don't know if she was on duty.

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Old 10th November 2019, 00:16   #4
I am skint! Hence only 1 home.
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Red face

Not really sure why this ever happened having traveled a bit and seen how they cope with much more on larger continents ... and maybe not so large a continent and tax grabs.
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Jim Jamieson
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The weather in recent years have been to the extremes.
We set off on Friday morning from Ayrshire to travel to Campbeltown to attend a meeting. It was a frosty but sunny morning when we left and all the way up Loch Lomond and back down the Mull of Kintyre it was beautiful sunny day. Because of the nice day I decide to take the more scenic route down the east side of the peninsula enjoying the spectacular views of the west side of Arran.

Arriving in our hotel, again we had a beautiful view out to the harbour but we awake to a completely different scene with wet and windy weather most of the day and extremely cold winds.
Fortunately the forecast is slightly better for tomorrow as we will be in attendance at the memorial followed by the Church service before the long trek back home.
What would we do without our weather Eh!
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Old 10th November 2019, 21:04   #6
This is my second home
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The reason for the floods could be the councils can't afford to keep the streets and roads clear of dead leaves. We are lucky here living at the top end of the valley where the excess water flows down to the river. But when i walk up the high street there is about a 4" depth of leaves on the pavement,some of which has been there since last Autumn.
Why councils plant trees so close to houses amazes me. Twice this year they have had to repair broken underground pipes and the pavement because of these trees growing about 8ft away from a row of houses.
A friend of mine has asked for them to be cut down,as when they are in full bloom,they completely blank out his Sky Dish.
- John B signing out
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Interesting interview on R4 this morning. They interviewed a Farmer from Lincoln whose farm land is now under several ft of water.

He categorically blamed the Environment Agency for not dredging rivers . He said the EA was rightfully blamed for the debacle of the flooded Somerset Levels a few years back and that now the Somerset Levels have NOT flooded because the Government removed the EA there and put in place a “River Authority”.

Very interesting interview - the Farmer - Henry Ward from Lincoln said that the EA fines him if he uses river water to irrigate his crops and hassles him with rules and regulations but ignores sensible long standing experience that rivers need to be dredged.

His recommendation is to follow what has now been done on the Somerset Levels.

Interview - Today Programme - about 06:55am
Ranthoneous to a T
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