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Old 15th January 2022, 13:14   #13251
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Rover 75 2.5 auto saloon

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Finally got around to replacing the dented and scratched front n/s wing, pretty easy job, took about a hour and quarter from start to finish, just need to re-apply the 'V6' badges under the repeat indicator to match the other side!


Born 22nd February 2005, 221st of 239 Starlight Silver 75 Contemporary SE 2.5 V6 automatic saloons built
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Old 15th January 2022, 18:21   #13252
Southern Star
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Rover 75 CTDi Contemporary SE

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Took the 75 to Grandborough to get Lates600 to investigate the coolant leak, change the transmission fluid and sort out the handbrake for once and for all.

There's a really nice vibe in his workshop and he obviously knows what he's about. The transmission fluid that came out was brown- I don't think it's ever been changed- and the gearchange is much smoother now. The handbrake was miles out of adjustment but now locks upon 2-3 clicks.

The coolant leak is the thermostat housing thing so I've emailed DMGRS with a list of what's needed, Leighton said it's a false economy not to fit a new water pump while the job is done, plus it also needs drop links and rear shock absorbers. Hopefully this can all be done in late February.

In the afternoon I had the exhaust rear box welded, a bracket had broken off it and the exhaust place I took it to said that as it was otherwise in good condition it would take a weld. We'll see.

Also emailed Tom Hobbs about obtaining a sill repair panel. It's going to be an expensive couple of months I think, but then a lot of folk pay £300 every month to lease an inferior car.
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Old 15th January 2022, 20:31   #13253
Rich in Vancouver
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The mounting clips for the sill trim arrived from Rimmers yesterday so I installed the paint stripped and polished sill trims.
It turns out that the new clips don't come with the little black locking pins so don't throw the old ones out. The new clips also have a slightly smaller recess for the pins so I found I had to shorten the pins by a mm or two and trim all 4 sides of the head a smidge to make them fit. Not a big issue but I did e-mail Rimmers to suggest that they include new pins with the clips. If a buyer is paying 2 quid per clip they should get the whole thing.
Also changed the oil on the V6 and installed my poly-bushed lower engine mount that was on the wrecked car, so now I'm off for a test drive.
ZT-T190, Midnight Blue, LHD, Left the Line on June 24, 2002,
Sold new in Switzerland, spent time in Germany, Imported to Canada in September 2021
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Old 17th January 2022, 08:15   #13254
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75 Connoisseur SE in BRG

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Gave mine a Wash and Wax, first time in two months.

2004 Rover 75 Connoisseur SE

51 of 118 Rover 75s to come off the production line on 21st July 2004

71 of only 235 British Racing Green diesel face lift Connoisseur SE saloons with Sandstone Beige Interiors produced worldwide

Mileage April 2022: 120225 or 2914 in my custody
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Old 17th January 2022, 17:29   #13255
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Rover 75 & MG ZT

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Fitted new number plates.
Fitted pollen filter.
Sanitised the aircon (to get rid of the musty smell).
Stripped out all the damp boot trim.
Dried out the boot.
Fitted new seal to nearside rear light (old one was knackered and stuck with silicone).
Offside rear light was glued on with some form of mastic but one of the studs had previously snapped so I'll get a replacement before tackling that one.
Greased the bonnet hinges, cables and latches.
Treated the seams around the boot with Captain Tolley's.
Hoping for rain now so I can hopefully see where any water is getting in.

Pic wrong way round but you get the idea!
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Old 19th January 2022, 18:05   #13256
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MG ZT 190 SE

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Picked her up after a full custom stainless system had been fitted. Delighted with it, nice to have a bit of V6 aural pleasure again
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Old 19th January 2022, 18:19   #13257
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Originally Posted by Maxfly View Post
Picked her up after a full custom stainless system had been fitted. Delighted with it, nice to have a bit of V6 aural pleasure again
Ooo err matron.
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Old 19th January 2022, 20:40   #13258
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Rover 75

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With my isolation ending thursday 23:59 I got in molly and gave her a good clean out, hovered out, leather cleaned and treated, original factory mats washed and refitted (drivers side is looking a bit scraggy now and will need replacing this year if I can find one with the rover logo embossed).
Providing the weather plays ball tomorrow I will be giving her a good wash.
If weather is pants then I will be pulling the ipk out and fix the lines with the rework station.

Need to get some of that wheel cleaner that turns purple when it pulls iron particles out.

edit: Just sound some tan tailored ones on ebay for £18.62 with 48 hour free delivery so shall get some pictures up of them when they arrive. They look good quality so shall see.
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Old 20th January 2022, 02:41   #13259
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Replaced 3 engine mounts, replaced timing and auxiliary belts & RENEWED my subscription to this forum. Thank you all for the valuable information you have contributed.
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Old 20th January 2022, 20:42   #13260
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Diesel Dick
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Default what I did to day

Started on changeing o/side front caliper (seized solid), found disc was badly rusted half surface gone on inner side. also found rear bush on lower arm shot, ond not to be out done steering rack gaitor split. Checked n/side disc and gaitor same condition as o/side.Will also change th caliper on this side as well. As car is 21 years old and 175000 miles don't reckon I have a warranty claim.Know what I'm doing this weekend.
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