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75 Contemporary SE Mk II 2004 Man. Sal. CDTi 135ps, FBH on red diesel, WinCE6 DD

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Default Update !

I have just received a renewal warning from my present Breakdown Assist. I last read that they do NOT renew once a vehicle gets to 15 years of age, but on enquiring they have now revised that to 16 years. If the vehicle is <16 at renewal time, they will provide cover for the full year.

I also rang to ask them to confirm that they would not just bring a car, driver and passengers all the way home, abandoning the caravan on a site perhaps 200 miles from home - The reply in the phone call was that it would be treated on a case by case basis, if the caravan was not many miles away, it would be brought back with the car. I asked them to email that to me and here is the relevant sentence they sent me just a few minutes later...

'...We also discussed that you tow a caravan within the UK. Normally we would only cover caravans when they are attached to the vehicle at the point of breakdown.'

Me think they speak with forked tongue


How To's and items I offer for free, or just to cover the cost of my expenses...


Fix a poor handbrake; DIY ABS diagnostic unit; Loan of the spanner needed to change the CDT belts; free OBD diagnostics +MAF; Correct Bosch MAF cheap; DVB-T install in an ex-hi-line system; DD install with a HK amp; FBH servicing.

I've taken a vow of poverty. To annoy me, send money.
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