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Old 11th February 2019, 18:05   #1
MG Rover Custom Car Parts
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Default The full respray of my Typhoon ZT

Hi all,

Very few of you may have known that I was having my typhoon ZT resprayed last year, after what happened at the beginning of last year where someone went into the back of it at a roundabout.

Well I've had it fully resprayed, hadn't posted anything yet as it isn't quite finished yet. It's going back to the bodyshop at the end of this month to have the finishing work done, but since I displayed it at MG and Triumph Spares Day yesterday I thought I'd share some pics.

Last year ended up being a total nightmare from the start with this car, from the accident to having to deal with the insurance to get them to pay out for the repair, to then getting messed about by the sprayer I was going to use locally, to then taking the car up to the other end of the country from me to be sorted, and then having serious issues sorting the paint as typhoon has now become hard to get hold of. Then when I finally found a supplier for the paint, they offered two shades but neither matched my original colour, both shades were darker. Which led to me biting the bullet and having to do the full complete respray, which was an expense I really didn't want for last year but it was necessary. It was literally stress after stress after stress.

By the time the car was finished and I went back to collect it in November last year, I'd pretty much lost most of my enthusiasm with the car. I also initially didn't like how much darker the finish was when I saw it in daylight the day after I collected it. Up to this point I'd only seen it in the booth under artificial lighting. But since then the new colour had been growing on me and I actually now prefer it, as I think anyway that it makes it look meaner than it did before.

I also had a bit of very good luck, whilst the car was up at the body shop I managed to get hold of a set of genuine mki rear bumper pods, the proper plastic MG Rover ones which run right up to the rear bumper heat shields! Couldn't believe I managed to get hold of a set, as I'd been looking for some for the last 4 years. I think these are pretty rare as I've only ever seen them fitted to a couple cars and that was only in photos, never seen a set in person. So that was lucky and at the right time as well.

Well this weekend gone really brought my enthusiasm back, as I have to say seeing it outside on a clear sunny day and seeing it under the artificial lighting at the indoor venue, it really did look fantastic. The new colour actually flips more dramatically under artificial lighting, much better than it used to on the original colour. It received so much attention yesterday, that was really nice to see.

Next weekend she is being displayed at the London Classic Car Show at the Excel Exhibition Centre on the Sunday, so looking forward to that.

Here's some photos, don't have many at the moment but here's some of what I do have.

The car's now safely tucked away in the garage and only comes out for shows. May bring it out now and again during the summer months on a nice day. It's insured through Peter Best on a classic policy now as well

How to retrofit Cruise Control on a diesel with no OEM wiring in place: Link
How to retrofit heated electric memory seats with no OEM wiring in place: Link
How to operate FBH and ATC via text Link
How to restore cloudy projector headlights Link
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Old 11th February 2019, 18:18   #2
Gets stuck in
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That does look fantastic Rick!

I couldn't see the quality of the paint on my phone lol
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Old 11th February 2019, 18:42   #3
Mad on moggies
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Rover 75 saloon, Connie cdt. MGB GT, 2 Morris Minor Travellers

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Thumbs up

Looks absolutely stunning Rick.
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Old 11th February 2019, 18:48   #4
Loves to post
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Luv that colour
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Old 11th February 2019, 19:08   #5
I really should get out more.......
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Looks a very professional job too, looking fantastic Rick
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Old 11th February 2019, 19:14   #6
Loves to post
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rover 75 saloon cdt club se re map 160 bhp

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thats a fantastic looking car rick great paint job
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Old 11th February 2019, 19:21   #7
Why do I do it ?
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BMW 320

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Showroom finish Rick...I would not be able to sleep at night, worrying about it !
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Old 11th February 2019, 19:28   #8
This is my second home
R75 Saloon.

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It's very easy to see why you are so pleased with it.---
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Old 11th February 2019, 19:56   #9
Gets stuck in
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Default Typhoon

Rick, she's a true beauty! Well done for getting her up to a high standard

Andrew (YorksMG2013)

Proud owner of a Pearl Black facelift ZT 190 SE
(or should that be the 'Black Pearl'? Just call me Cap'n Jack!)
Now joined by the Blue Beast - MG ZT 260 #57 in Trophy Blue
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Old 11th February 2019, 20:11   #10
Just going about!
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Wonderful looking car - i do like the colour.
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