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Originally Posted by SideValve View Post

Just a thought - if the water-pump were leaking it would emerge from a drain hole. Wonder it that drain hole could be blocked?
Not always, I have seen the bearings fail and leak through the seals! This then drips down the side of the engine block and beacuse the engine is hot, the leaking water tends to dry up before it makes it's way to the floor.
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Originally Posted by SideValve View Post
... if the water-pump were leaking it would emerge from a drain hole.
As Trikey says, not necessarily! When I was helping another member in the summer we discovered that the steady drip from his water pump was actually coming from a defect in the casting!
The way around the evaporation problem is to inspect very carefully from beneath, immediately after starting the engine from cold. You're looking for the tiniest of drips.

When I had slight but regular loss of coolant it was flattened 'O' rings on the expansion tank cap.

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Well the good news is that I fitted another new coolant cap and after a 20 mile spin the level was still spot on.

I'm not 100% optimistic that its fixed, especially seeing how the previous one was less than a year old, but you never know your luck.

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If you can't find any evidence of coolant leakage why not try a cold pressure test? I knocked up a bit of old hose, a pressure gauge, a scrap tyre valve and a bicycle pump to pressurise the system to around 12 psi and left it overnight.

If the pressure drops with still no sign of leakage whip the plugs out and check the cylinders for dampness.

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