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steady eddie
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In answer to the original question the length of the drawbar plus the width of the trailer or caravan and towing vehicle will determine the angle. Always remember the more you wind on the more you have to wind off, if you go too far without correcting the turn it won't be recoverable. A lot of time where you start the manoeuvre from makes a big difference to the end result.

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Originally Posted by Georgies Dad View Post
Here enter the motor mover
cant fit one to my trailer and not appropriate to unhitch the caravan when doing a 3 point turn along a country lane. Thank goodness the gates to farmers fields are set back

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This is my second home
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All you need is an angled bit of tube to mount it on!

If I remember correctly, Dad started with one on the caravan drawbar but later changed to a mirror arm that dropped into a tube mounted on his tow bracket on the car. The tube had a slot in the end and the mirror arm had a pin through it to locate in the slot. The mirror above the towing hitch could be seen through the interior mirror on the car, allowing the driver to aim accordingly. When not in use, he stored it (the truck mirror) in a couple of expanding clips in the top of the boot. It took only seconds to fit and remove.
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I think the tow car makes a difference too. When I had the 75s, and reversed the caravan I found that more turning of the wheel was needed to make the caravan turn, the saloon and the tourer were like that. However reversing it with the Insignia is a lot more precise and the Ďvan moves much easier. Whether itís because itís a newer car and we bought a brand new towbar, I donít know, but when I park it up after use it takes very little turning of the wheel to get the caravan to turn. It parks up between a horse box and another caravan so the space is quite tight but itís much easier than either of the 75s were.
Cheers Rich.
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