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I have DMGRS Hydramount on my CDTi, I hoped it might be better than the Yellow slotted PowerFlex bush, but actually its no different at all .

Also found the DMGRS mount was also 20mm taller than the original but that might be the old one being a bit squashed ??

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Cheers, it's on now. Did have difficulty in lining up the four bolts that attach the alloy joining block onto the engine (the other end of which goes over the top of the hydramount).

It's all good now, though winding those 4 bolts up to 73 ft lbs was scary (and hard work for an old bloke).

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I am posting just to bring this thread up to date, after doing some searching today i found these, hydro mounts below, from a well known seller so i presume they are the correct part?


PS ok i have sent a message to the above seller here is part of the answer.

(Ours are imported from SAIC in China so if you consider them as the owner of MG genuine or aftermarket i'm not really sure, we don't say they are genuine for that reasons, ( there were originally 2 sets of tooling 1 for petrol and 1 for diesel but the Diesel one was worn out so the last I heard was there is only 1 set of tooling so only having the stamped number of the KKB101914 in it. The product we sell does have a sloshing sound if you shake it.)

I have asked for confirmation that both the KKB101914/ 7 the KKB101923 make this sloshing sound, as this is now getting quite confusing as some do & some don't also regarding the tooling how would they know how to change the compound needed for the diesel?

I will wait and see the next reply.
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Default No, you were right.

Originally Posted by Steve1966 View Post
As embarrassing as it is to admit it, rather than leave incorrect info out on the web I would like to retract my statement regarding colour codes for the RH hydramount. The more I think about it the more I wonder if the colours I mention are for the 25/45/ZR/ZS range of mounts. I worked on everything during the Longbridge MG/Rover years. I worked solely on the 75 from 96-99 but this was 20 years ago. In my mind I can see other colours also, and we used colours to differentiate between prototype mounts of differing stiffness during development and have doubts about what was what. Also I seem to recall the base of the hydramount having a stamped letter. I wonder if this dictates the fitment. If anyone has a factory fitted (not replacement) mount that they have removed from a 1.8, V6 and diesel that would confirm the existence/letter used. Regarding the relative stiffnesses, I'm happy about that and the statement about suitability still stands.

It's the first time I've read this thread and your memories of the mounts, you were correct about the colour dots as this one has the Yellow one. The only difference is that the mount was off a pre production V6, it also has the wire. I expect it was just chosen at random to be on the car as it was earmarked for St Helens college to be used as a learning tool. The vin tags shown are from that car.
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