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Old 21st May 2019, 09:32   #11
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Yet again, I’ve had no further submissions for this feature so have nothing to present for June next week

I’m happy to convert members articles to php code to go onto the main website pages but I need content and at least a week before it’s due to be published.

As it stands there will be no entry for June and so although there was a big request to resurrect this feature there doesn’t seem to be the content available from members to sustain it, and I certainly can’t keep posting every month asking for submissions I’m afraid.
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Old 21st May 2019, 10:15   #12
ZT 1.8t, ZT CDTi & ZTT V8 400

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If ok I’ll submit another article on Flying Banana. She did appear a few years back.

I’ll gee up a few members.

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I'm half way through one that was started (edit...MANY) weeks ago...been a bit busy.

I will try to finish this week
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4. Firefrost CDTi manual Tourer
On the lookout for a tidy V6 Auto saloon

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Old 24th May 2019, 01:01   #14
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I can add more content to my project. Mainly retrofitting stuff and small additions. I'm gonna do that this weekends
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