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Originally Posted by Randyjim View Post
My ZT190 was left stood for about 3 weeks recently and when I came back to it the battery was flat.
It needs charging Jim. Car batteries like to be fully charged at all times and few are. Buy a smart maintenance charger (I recommend the C-tek range) to ensure that it is and do so immediately. If you leave it in a semi discharged state the chances of terminal failure increase as time passes.
Its normally used as my daily ...
Think about how it's used daily:
  • Do you travel short distances frequently, i.e. lots of starter motor use?
  • Do you start the engine just to move it on and off a drive?
  • Below 10 degrees ambient temperature, do you cancel the automatic heated rear window timer as soon as it activates if not needed?
The above will contribute to any battery's level of charge steadily decreasing until one day .....

To answer your original question clearly, a fully charged battery will last three weeks.

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After 3 days standing last week due to illness (off work). The battery could only make the starter motor click and the indicators flash a dark amber. The car had been cranking slowly for some time, so the battery (at least 5 years old) was on borrowed time.

A nice new Varta ordered from Tayna last week and she now starts nice and swiftly.
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