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Old 26th May 2020, 14:24   #741
Carpe diem
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Originally Posted by sworks View Post
Decided it was time for the first drive of the year for the mini. A John Cooper Si+ S works. Number 1 out of 10 cars converted by John Cooper garages. Owned for 24 years and a huge part of the family. Standard out of the factory, 1275cc and 62 bhp, itís still 1275cc but now running at around 90 bhp after both conversions, extremely nice to drive but average mpg is around 19 mpg and if driven in anger can kill its clutch in around 600 miles. It generally only covers around 30 miles per year but last year it was invited to the Bella Auto show just outside Newcastle because of itís rarity so Iím trying to use it more.

Why is it so thirsty Mark if it's not being driven hard?

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This is my second home
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More painting .............

and getting cooked out in the sun..

This time its the ornate metal front gate....... not been touched since I made it ...

About 1995 .

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This is my second home
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Originally Posted by VVC-Geeza View Post
Why is it so thirsty Mark if it's not being driven hard?
It’s almost 30 bhp up on standard with no block work. It’s pretty much the highest spec head with the biggest valves that you can get. There’s 1.5 roller rockers which is similar to having a different cam without having to strip the engine and the inlet and exhaust ports ported. The ecu has allegedly been tuned but I’ve never found what was actually done although I have an idea. The induction has been ‘tuned’ using a specific intake tract and a few other bits I’ve probably forgotten about The car is very revvy and in fourth gear will happily drive at 25mph and it will accelerate quick in normal 4th gear driving enough to overtake without dropping into third. The conversion was one just over 20 years ago at great expense and it still brings a smile every time I drive it. It’s just always been rubbish on fuel, but meets emissions. There are better clutches available now as up until recently you could only get the standard part and at the next change it will get a better one.

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Moved a 75 tourer from infront of the garage and took out the R8 cabby gave it a wash & brush up.Will tax it on Monday now that we are going to be allowed out to play.
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Old 27th May 2020, 21:08   #745
Live life safely and sensibly
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Yes, it's parked outside the window

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Here we have something fairly awful looking, a 21 year old that has been very neglected for far too long.......the stake nuts on these shafts are tightened to 400Nm, and needed to come off so I can disassemble everything in readiness for the refurbishment to begin in earnest.

I bought this car for my wife when it was four years old in 2003, and it was her everyday transport until I bought my first 75 Tourer.

So many times I've contemplated scrapping this car, and could never bring myself to do so

If it were not for this little car, I would have not been determined to become self sufficient diagnostically, not bought a broken TestBook 1, which I repaired, then taught myself how to use it, which lead to eventually buying a T4 system.

The rest as they say is history.

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Well I've arrived at end of the road........and I can categorically state this is NOT my second home

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