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Old 20th July 2021, 21:39   #1
Saga Lout
I really should get out more.......
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Default I have a serious problem with the NHS.

I'm in a sticky situation right now with my local Hospital, it's Wigan Royal Albert Edward Infirmary. I can't say too much tonight but I need to get a record of my concerns before tomorrow as I'm likely to be arrested for my conduct in the morning. I'm not about to hurt anyone but there's something I need to do that will put me at odds with the Hospital and they'll call the Police.

My dad is in there and being forced to die....
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Record everything Mike, you can then look back and take notes shoud you have to.

Take care mate
Lest we forget..
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Flipping heck Mike, hope everything works out ok. Just stay safe
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Old 20th July 2021, 22:17   #4
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Take care and good luck.
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You are not the first and certainly will not be the last to come up against that sort of thing. The family recently lost a beautiful two day old baby girl. That the latest in a line of several affecting this family going back several decades.

Just read the Coroner's report. "Open verdict"...

God speed and Good Luck Mike.
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I really should get out more.......
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A friends daughter had a baby last year and she was told that it was unlikely to last the night due to a couple of problems. She was told that it would be best to '' let nature takes it course''. The following morning she was still alive and they started to intervene, she is now 15 months old an happy. She will need some minor opps as she grows up but is expected to live a proper life.

A full investigation was carried out and the midwife was disciplined but nothing more.
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Old 20th July 2021, 23:50   #7
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You will know what you have to do Mike.Just do whatever is necessary,he's your dad.

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Old 21st July 2021, 01:08   #8
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I don't know the situation with your dad Mike but time stands still for no one. We know what is coming to us all one day yet it still shocks and causes mental turmoil when the medics take you to one side and quietly explain what you've been dreading about a loved one who is in their care in hospital. It can't be easy for the medics even though they will have to deal with these situations on a very regular if not a daily basis. I trust them and feel that they will have done their best for your dad. If it is the case that they are now talking end-of-life care they will want to continue to do their best for your dad for his remaining time. Please consider that he might be in the right place for this if it is so. They have the staff, the equipment and the medicine to make you dad as comfortable as possible - pressure pads/mattress, pain relief turning him in bed etc..
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Old 21st July 2021, 08:06   #9
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Everybody lauds the NHS - I don't. The number of mistakes, wrong diagnoses and sheer incompetence I have come across is staggering. I literally had to KIDNAP my mother to get her out of their clutches some years ago. She couldn't pass her mobility assessment, but it was affecting her health in other ways being in hospital (5 months over a Christmas). I waited for the inevitable move of wards, marched in and said "I have come to collect my mother" which I did before her notes had followed her. She lived happily at home for a further 6 years, dying in her bed just short of her 99th Birthday. I do understand your frustration, but please do not get arrested over this - that will help neither you or your father. My thoughts are with you.
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Old 21st July 2021, 08:48   #10
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Generally care within the NHS is exemplary. But I would also say that “generally”, communication is woefully bad.

Trying to get them to focus on keeping you, as the relative, informed can be quite a battle. And once again you can use a Subject Access Request to demand to see the decision making processes they are taking.

This can be difficult if you do not have a PoA in force - but should they take any action against you - having one of these SAR’s written out to present to them should things get “sticky” should put you in a stronger position as it will make them realise they have a legal responsibility to keep you informed.

If you don’t have a PoA in place, have an authority letter printed for your Dad to sign as soon as you next see him.

Without a PoA or an signed Authority Letter they may still refuse - BUT! if they do - they will then have to justify WHY they forced you into the position you are in.

Hope this helps, best of luck.

Stay, calm, resolute but firm.
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