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Originally Posted by rab60bit View Post
I did the same thing after having a new set of damper struts off DMGRS fitted 3 1/2 years (16K miles) back (see post #24).
Attacking a front-end off job over the last couple of week (replacing the AC condensor and releasing a stuck bonnet) and remembered the protectors.
I had to fit a new wheel arch liner anyway so decided to fit the protectors first - only to find the O/S damper is leaking!
I offered up the protector anyway - and it don't fit, the spring seating flange profile is different!!! Got hold of Matt who appeared to be vaguely aware of the situation by suggesting that "old tooling was lost and things have altered meantime". I can appreciate the sentiment but whilst things changed why didn't 'they' incorporate the shielding feature in the revised flange design; it also appears negligent and a liability to prevent a recall safety feature from being retro fitted whilst ignoring a known design fault/weakness. I'm guessing the SIAC cars could also bust springs and subsequently puncture tyres and all that entails.
...and beware replacement dampers.
Still waiting for Matt to let em know about the leaking damper.
Originally Posted by rab60bit View Post
Don't wish to highjack the thread but felt I should update the damper issue (and, as far as I know the protectors will NOT fit 'OEM' replacement struts now being supplied from SIAC sources - so there is a real safety issue that needs addressing....).
DMGRS (Mat and I presume Scott) has agreed to replace the O/S/F leaking damper, they are now waiting for me to check the N/S. What do you guys think about replacing just one side of the front suspension in the event there isn't a guarantee that it's existing N/S mate (supplied 3 1/2 years back) is the same spec. since exact OEM match dampers were not available i.e. I've a Contemporary SE Hi-line with sport suspension (whatever that was?) and I think the replacements were advertised as the ZT 'comfort' spec. - I only purchased the dampers and drop links, not complete assemblies.

Hi John, this is worrying, my replacement strut was from my stash of goodies so probably not current spec but it is different on the lower edge. There are however the correct locating holes for the tyre protector and the profile to accept them is correct.
I can only hope there are more than one supplier of these if Matt cannot confirm tyre protectors will fit???

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Broken springs......the only connection with cold weather is the increased prevalence of pot holes and salt in colder weather, the metal is no less supple in lower temperatures.

In the vast majority of cases, it is a corrosion cell caused by the failure of the powder coating on the spring allowing salty water to enter and sit fizzing away.

I fitted a pair of new springs today, job took me about three hours as I had a bit of a job with the pinch bolts on the top.

I know I'm slowing down a bit, as it took me two hours to do an upper rear arm last week, even allowing for the Rover recommended tooling use.

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Interesting thread. However, as most 75's were FWD is it a case that these spring protectors are not a fit for Bilstein front struts on a RWD vehicle?

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