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Posted a thing or two
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Originally Posted by macafee2 View Post
The near side, yes. The offside, very good question. There seems to be an inner skin and an outer skin when inside the car and below the window.
It pours in between these two skins. I don't think it is the chrome trim along the outside. I have removed the roof rail strips and applied seam sealer ling the seam and I have had a go around the trail gate hinge.
I don't have a sun roof and am a bit lost.

I will in summer ask the wife to help and using a hose pour water along certain places to see if it comes in.
I keep towels tucked in where the air vents are to soak up the water so the car does not flood

Exactly the same as my tourer I get the drips below the window at this seam, captain trolley all over the window and seam sealer along the roof rail channel and popped the plastic cover from the hinges and seam sealer all over but still leaking
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Iím happy to report that I did as Trikeybgold me and invested in Captain Tolley. I had a similar problem to most when it rained water got in via the rear side windows on my ZTT and dripped onto the HK amp NAUGHTY WORD-NAUGHTY WORD-NAUGHTY WORD-NAUGHTY WORD-NAUGHTY WORD-NAUGHTY WORD-NAUGHTY WORD-NAUGHTY WORD-NAUGHTY WORD- the IcE however after liberal application of Tolleys wonder weapon the leak is sealed and normal service restored😀

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Couldn't save

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