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Default Any replacement for ABS wiring plugs - main loom

Hi - the ABS connectors as part of the main wiring loom on my car are brittle/broken. Is there a way to replace these? Or can I use completely different new connectors?
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In reality, the only proper way to sort this out is to pay a visit to a good breakers yard, or seek assistance from one of our spares guys on here. The connections are critical for decent reliability also the environment they have is quite harsh.
The visit to a yard would be best in my opinion and if I remember correctly the wiring varies from front to rear (Colours and signal). Easy way to work this is to take 4 labelled bags marked appropriately o/s/f, o/s/r, n/s/f & n/s/r. Cut the plugs off with as much loom as possible. Pop the connector into the respective bag and dont mix things up.
Perform checks to your car to establish wiring identifications match what is in each bag per corner. Assuming you have a good match, then study the best cut location on your car as you will need enough room to perform soldering work.
Prior to the cut being made, ensure you have to hand:
Working soldering iron.
Adhesive heat shrink.
Decent wire strippers & side cutters.
A lighter.

Having planned your attack fully remembering enough area to solder up your new joints, perform the repairs, a bit of advice on soldering:

Leaded solder is easier to work with as it melts at a lower temperature.
Don't apply solder along the complete joint, this prevents the joint breaking in the future if the wiring has to be disturbed due to other repairs etc.

The reason for adhesive heat shrink is to prevent damp/dirt ingress to the exposed wiring joint, so to prevent further interventions of this nature, it's worth considering this.

On reflection, the repairs are fairly easy in practice, but I would advise against making your own connections as you will need to destroy part of the abs sensor wiring which will open up a host of new issues.

I hope this helps, and good luck.

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The heatshrink is there for insulation, keeping moisture out and most importantly for supporting the joint. Without support any vibration will eventually cause a fracture at the interface between the flexible wire and the wire made rigid by the solder, heat shrink is one solution.

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