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Old 20th February 2021, 01:51   #51
This is my second home
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Rovers 75 & 25

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Originally Posted by KLM View Post
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.Kev.
Reminds me of a London do. A guy with a glass eye sneezed and it popped out and bounced across the floor to be caught by a lady on the other side of the room. He treated her to a slap up meal at the Savoy at the end of which she asked, do you go to this expense with every lady that you meet? He replied, no:

You just happened to catch my eye.
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Old 20th February 2021, 02:14   #52
75 car girl
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75 saloon

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I have a Mk2 but would prefer the Mr1if I get the chance.

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Old 20th February 2021, 04:58   #53
Mike Trident
Posted a thing or two
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I think I've said this before somewhere but here goes.

I like them all, but the mk1 unfortunately looks like a Jag, which then seems to bring the comments "poor man's jag"

The premium bumper just looks like an Audi. At least the mk2 doesn't really look like anything else.

And like I said earlier, 99% of the time I only see the dash
Rover 75 2.0 CDTi (131Ps) Conn SE Saloon. (Manual)
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Tuesday, 5th October 2004 @ 12:35:52
This vehicle was the 104,679th 75 to run off the production line, out of 112,381
This vehicle was the 3,318th 75 CDT Connoisseur SE (135) to be made out of 4,744
This vehicle was the 12,440th 75 in Starlight Silver (code: MBB) to be made out of 14,280 Starlight Silver 75s
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Old 20th February 2021, 08:11   #54
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Whenever there is a grossly overpriced R75 for sale, it is invariably a facelift or a Contemporary model.
2006 Rover 75 CDTI in Starlight Silver
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Old 20th February 2021, 12:28   #55
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Originally Posted by Rp61973 View Post
Whenever there is a grossly overpriced R75 for sale, it is invariably a facelift or a Contemporary model.
...probably because they have fewer miles on the clock and are less rusty. Only overpriced because folk are still looking for one to last them the next few years, and some are prepared to pay!
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Old 20th February 2021, 13:51   #56
Loves to post
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Beauty as they say is in the eye of the beholder and so in my opinion the Facelift was an improvement over the original design more so on the ZT than the 75 but remembering sales were flagging and something needed to be done to try to increase sales and the 75 contemporary hit the spot in a sort of way but of course it was too little too late, there are those that like the original design with the twin style headlamps but I found it a bit fake as the headlights weren't actually separate units only styled to look so in fact I am probally in the minority in that I think the Tourer is a more attractive car over the saloon and more practical to boot, I have Two a 2005 75 Tourer and a 2004 ZTT

One of the best of the last from the last of the best!
Produced on Valentine's day 2005 - 8 weeks before the end.
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Old 20th February 2021, 14:41   #57
Gets stuck in
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Prefer a mk2 ZT but a mk1 for a 75, still miss my moonstone mk1 conny.
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Old 20th February 2021, 18:56   #58
I really should get out more.......
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Originally Posted by MissMoppet View Post
Discuss . . .

I'm sure I wouldn't have. I sometimes pass a facelift version and - too late - think "Mm was that a Rover 75?" I was expecting the recent excellent DVD to answer this question. "So Richard. Why did you think your baby needed a revamp to the front? And do you now regret it?"

To me the original front appearance is so appealing: the bonnet slightly protruding over the hooded lights, like my Basset Hound when she knows she's pinched my supper and is begging forgiveness.

The only change I've made is to substitute stainless mesh which I immodestly think has improved the classic design - but each to their own.

The face lift was carried out in order to keep up with the competition, as if they could!, in anycase to modernise the look, they failed as the original was always best.
Would have I bought one, yes indeed I would, you see the 75 was always a great car, but it was killed off on the day of its launch, the rest is history.
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Old 23rd February 2021, 19:47   #59
Alex D
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Overall I think the mk1 75 is nicer, especially the front end however I must say I think the boot lid on the mk2 is better. It looks cleaner without the keyhole and union jack badge and I think the enlarged chrome plinth is very nice. I'm also a big fan of the light oak dashboard although I do prefer walnut. I also like the fact you get a wooden steering wheel as standard on the mk2 Conn. SE and the forked alloys suit the car well.

Can't comment on quality differences as the only 75 I've sat in is my 52 reg.
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