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Old 23rd October 2020, 17:46   #71
Posted a thing or two
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Originally Posted by Blink View Post

£124.10 down the drain.
Make that £131.94.
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Old 23rd October 2020, 20:28   #72
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Originally Posted by Blink View Post
That wouldn't have solved the yellow/gold connector problem. - i.e. the two halves won't come apart, so the pipe is useless anyway (and so is my bleed contraption).

£124.10 down the drain.

I do.

The rubber diaphragm takes up so much volume in the MC there's hardly any space left for fluid.* Plus, you have to take it out to bleed the slave otherwise it'll block the fluid flow from the pressurised Sealey/Gunson.

(* I syringed just 30-35mm out).

There's a level marker inside the MC - presumably you're supposed to check it using a finger, or maybe detach one eyeball and dangle it over the damned cylinder.

What they should have done is this (post 12 diagram) - but that would have been far too sensible so they didn't bother.

Maybe they were designed to be thrown away rather than maintained...
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Old 24th October 2020, 15:56   #73
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I'd fit this one - and the quick release connector is replaceable if you have issues again:

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Old 25th October 2020, 08:34   #74
Mike Noc
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Originally Posted by Blink View Post
Well that's blown it.

I couldn't get my bleed pipe contraption to join up with the gold 'quick release'* connector because it wouldn't go over the white split sleeve (I tried everything!). * The term 'quick release' is used sarcastically.

So I thought I'd take the sleeve off temporarily to see if anything else was jamming - it wasn't and the two halves slid together without any effort.

Of course now I can't separate them again because the rib on the gold half is locked in behind the ring of tangs in the yellow half and there's no way of releasing it again.

The only thing I can do now is buy a new master cylinder.

That's it - my patience has run out with this ******* money pit of a car.

In defence of the designer you removed the release mechanism and then connected the coupling. There could only be one outcome.These couplings work fine when used as designed.

As mentioned you can still release it, you just need to use something thin enough to go in - if it is too wide then use a couple of narrower split rings of thin plastic. Plenty of suitable material in the recycle bin - plastic bottles etc that can be cut down.


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