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This is my second home
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Originally Posted by Saga Lout View Post

Update, my dad had the fluid drained last night, they removed a pint less than two gallons! no wonder he couldn't function or eat. I brought him home this afternoon and the difference is vast.
Praise be for that better news.
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It has to be made to make sense... with emphasis on MADE in GB
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Originally Posted by Dallas View Post
tell your father that you love him.
Best advice by a mile on this thread, none of us ever know how long we can say/hear that.

Lost a few stones and a Gall Bladder and part of a bile duct and all of my dignity in the suppository incident
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This is my second home
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Originally Posted by stocktake View Post
Best advice by a mile on this thread, none of us ever know how long we can say/hear that.
Very true. My father was a fit man, cycled into town for his newspaper every day, walked the dogs every day, he had a major stroke pottering in the garden and never regained consciousness.

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Posted a thing or two
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Originally Posted by MGJohn View Post
Yes it is. Mind you that is unusual. Most the rest of the World know that it's FREE :~

About five years ago, my much travelled son attended a wedding of a friend in Brasil. I collected him from Terminal 5 Heathrow. Whilst waiting with some Taxis, me being me, I got talking to a driver. He was from Eastern Europe. As we talked we saw a heavily gravid female waddle up to the Taxis. Soon after, another waddled up to the Taxi Rank. He told me that is not a rare occurrence. He also told me his brother works in a nearby NHS facility and confirms such abuses of UK taxpayers money is far from rare. He also told me they have some English. "I want NHS".

This was about the time a North American woman diverted from New York to Heathrow. She had FOUR fetuses delivered on the FREE NHS. some complications. Expensive ones.

That made National TV Headlines. Cue soon after the BBC pulling up one of their ex-spurts who dismissed that cost of £500,000 as nothing to worry about. Drop in the Ocean apparently. TYPICAL.

That's 50 x £10,000 major operations for Brit taxpayers on waiting lists knocked further back. Or, ten more serious £50,000 operations delayed by this kind of abuse.

Fake News of the highest order. Up next, the question .. Is Nigel Farage so very wrong with his accusations of Health Tourism abuses in the UK?

They wonder why British Taxpayers are fed up to the eye balls with abuses of their hard to come by taxes they pay and so vote the way they do!

Worst still, their next continuity announcement of upcoming News headlines of the broadcast mentions further cuts in the NHS funding... :rollthemeyes:

They never mention the massive flow of funds the NHS gets all the time.

Only in the UK. Fed up being taken for MUGS!
Mostly anecdotal (and that's a lot of anger...) but I'm sorry to say it significantly reflects what I feel. Earlier this year I saw the inside of (and some of the workings) of a local main hospital in helping out an elderly neighbour with outpatients visits and co-ordination of treatments etc. True, C-19 has distorted our healthcare and I can only praise the front-line staff I met for their dedication and hard work BUT......the NHS is not really underfunded it is however bloated/mismanaged and inefficient but to boot it's trying to cope with a top heavy list of customers who are essentially getting FOC treatments but without the lifelong contributions the system is designed to provide in order to keep it going properly.
The infrastructure (even under normal circumstances) is simply no longer in place to cope with the 'unpredicted (and I'm now talking pre-C-19)' demands placed upon it - if you don't believe me just drop into your local A&E and straw poll who is occupying most of the seats and utilising the facilities....MG John's comments illustrates why.
Yes, the NHS is comparatively far far better than what many countries can offer (and it's gratis the way our 'professionals run it) so the cost of an air fare and a stay with relatives is something a sick (not necessarily seriously ill) incomer would take a no brainer decision on....and as a final comment, for many of us UK citizens who by right do deserve access to the NHS - I've always maintained that if something is percieved as 'free' then pound to a penny it isn't valued nor respected.
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