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Originally Posted by COLVERT View Post
Made a really, really good job of removing the handbrake lining on the rear left of the car. Went back to the MOT place only to find out he meant the brake disc needed replacing.-
Further to the first post I now have two nice and shiny rear discs.

Mot Wednesday next. Hoping for a pass.
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Originally Posted by Steve42 View Post
Hi trikey,
On the balance vis I get open circuit. So changed it for a known good one. Fault clears. Drove to work and did a test again and get the same fault.
Reversing sensors are the same will work then stop.then start working again.
Fuel gauge is just as random. It could be reading over half a tank full. Then less than half without even turning the engine on. Then it will read above half a tank.
My snap on ethos diagnostic kit says sensor 1 in the tank is faulty. The obd says all is ok.
Test 6.00 I get a reading of fuel.
Test 6.1 all I get is _ _ _ _
Test 6.2 I get 1.6.2 and a reading of fuel.
Have taken a look in the tank and filler side of the tank was full and the float and arm seemed ok.
Passenger side again float and arm seem ok .but not much fuel left in the tank
Car drives well in fact I'm amazed the difference in the two engines

I would be attacking the fuel sensor issue first Steve, chances are the sensors will be a dodgy rear loom, I'd check the plug and wiring from the vis motor if you know the replacement is a good one.
Lest we forget..
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