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Thanks for coming back and letting us know what the problem was.
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This is my second home
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Originally Posted by Rsnail View Post
Hello everybody after a year and a half not updating this thread lol. So as I said, bought the memory seats ECU a year and a half ago and decided to do the 15 min job to swap it today lolll. Done that together with fixing the airbag connector from under the passenger seat, which was an eaxy fix, just tightly wrapped one cable tie around the connector to firmly hold it in place and error doesn't appear anymore regardless the seat position. So to get back at the memory seat ECU; replaced it, now it seemed that the memory seats won't store new positions and would only move to positions set before on the donor car. Gave it up and fixed the seat back in position again. After 2 hours drove the car and just thought well let's try and set a position, and voila! Surprisingly, I could all of a sudden store positions and also move the seat to the stored positions by preasing the position buttons. So the problem was indeed the memory seat ECU.
I at first did not see this was an old thread, I would have asked if the forward and back switch worked. I seem to recall a thread saying the ECU's on the seats are known to fail.

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