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Old 17th September 2020, 17:09   #21
Rev Jules
Rev Jules
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Originally Posted by bl52krz View Post
My two have very intimate names. The diesel is called ‘Goldie’ guess why? And the silver one is called ‘Connie’ or ‘KV6’ .Quite emotional really.

If it was Irish you might have called it Connie Lingus,

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Old 18th September 2020, 20:34   #22
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I call the ZT Blue Thunder due to the exhaust noise...

My wife calls my mini the Noddy Car...
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Old 18th September 2020, 20:49   #23
This is my second home
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I hope you have plenty of holy water to wash your mouth out Jules?Hows that heap of rust going? Talking of rust, I had a look at goldie in the garage beginning of the week. Been in there since 1st July on sorn, and noticed the brake disc’s are still shiny. I expected them to be going rusty. Pagid disc’s.
Great Barr, Birmingham.
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Old 18th September 2020, 21:29   #24
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Default What's in a name

We have:

Goldie - my gold diesel
Big blue 2 - named by Lydia when they owned it as they also had big blue.
Saxos - the blue ZT, named after saxo the previous owner.
Christine - shadiesadies dorchester red, named by David’s wife for obvious reasons.
Lest we forget..
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Old 18th September 2020, 22:02   #25
the ministry broadcasts
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Always have names for my cars as they are part of the family

Silver ZT is called Jakeh

Firefrost ZT is called rooster

Mg6 is called Jet
Project rooster

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Old 18th September 2020, 22:13   #26
Mr bountyfull
Gets stuck in

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My MGZTV8 was named Mr Bountyfull an my first drive home by my daughter. Since supercharger fitment Mr Souper Bountyfull! My previous Rover 75 sold to a member was known as Rosie as the reg was RO51 XXX my second 75/mg a Anthracite CDTi was known as the Batmobile. We name most but not all of our cars in the Miller household.

Enjoying this thread!
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Old 23rd September 2020, 15:28   #27
Loves to post
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Tasha the moonstone V6!
Why, no idea ask the wife

Rover 75 2l V6 Classic SE in Moonstone
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