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Originally Posted by Darcydog View Post
Sorry Ray - ‘but methinks you protest too much’.

I make no apology whatsoever for the mild negative categorisation applied to those who think this is a hoax or some sort of conspiracy such that they flout sensible rules the majority support.

If not wearing a mask only impacted on the person refusing to wear it - then I would not give a monkeys - but as I outlined above - not wearing a mask puts everyone else at risk even those who sensibly wear a mask.

Anyone so selfish and self centred that they put the lives and health of others at risk is, IMO, worthy of the mild terms I have used.

In fact I think they are worthy of far stronger terms.

Can I ask you Clive, how many people have you seen incorrectly using a face covering?

How many of those people have you seen constantly fidgeting with their masks, or having their nose poke out, or wear them on their chin?

So do you accept the advice of not touching your face with hands that have not been immediately washed or sanitised, puts the wearer of the mask at risk of allowing the infection to enter their bodies in this way?

The assumption that the wider public are aware of the pitfalls of incorrect use are well known, the opposite is the reality of the matter.

The wearing of a face mask correctly is commendable, the incorrect use is a menace to all, and the increased sense of invincibility of mask wearers is immediately apparent........."I'm wearing a mask, so I'm safe" abounds.

Do you also believe it to be coincidental that the exponential increase in infection rates are unrelated to mask misuse?.................. I don't.

In past employment, I was qualitatively fit tested for RPE, this is a simple hood and aerosol taste test.

I'll be surprised if the huge amount of people wandering around at present with a hanky tied around their chops, or a pretty patterned cloth fashioned from some youtube "how too" or the wearer of substandard "PPE" from eBay sourced from the far east, realise that far from helping, they are simply exacerbating the situation, both to themselves and those around them.

You can quote as much as you like from studies as to the benefits of PPE to the wearer and those they come into contact with, but these studies are conducted by people who often are so disconnected from the realities of life as to be laughable when applied to the common person in the street.

It is not antisocial, nor irresponsible to question advice given out in haste, often as a knee jerk reaction to a downward trend in the popularity of the current administrators of the country, especially when steered by questionable "science".......or in other words plausible deniability "well I'm afraid we were only following the advice of the scientific community"

My own contribution to this fiasco, is not to contribute to the pollution of the atmosphere in shops, this will of course now be extended to public houses and restaurants, and any other public enclosed space that requires the user to wear a mask.

If the country goes to hell in a handcart, so be it, at least I've enjoyed life so far, and when the perfidious self congratulatory powers that be, are exposed for what they really represent, we can do the post mortem on our way of life then.
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